Green hornet gummies price doubled wtf?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by HKMadness, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. HKMadness

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    Been buying these green hornet gummy edibles at this one shop for the past few weeks. Always been $10 ea. Went in today with the Mrs to get some more and the guy says they'e now $20 ea. We agree we are no way in hell paying that price and gonna go somewhere else. Anyone else run into similar with these gummies ?
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    Not really sure where your from, but other than the regulars that have been here for a long time, I don't see too many new members from legal states unless they're looking for pointers on growing. So in answer to your question: most likely, nobody reading this would be from your area. As it is, if your from Colorado and nobody here is from Colorado, then nobody will know the answer.

    As far as prices doubling: every year the regulations for marijuana is a moving target. Generally the regulations get harder as the years go on. If I had to guess, the regulations for child proof packaging and conforming to all specifications like newly introduced symbols, etc, will drive the cost of the packaging up, since every time there is an increase in the regulations for edibles, the manufacturers often have to start from scratch to design a package that will adhere to the regulations. The buck has to be passed to the consumer.

    Someday, recreational marijuana will be legal on a federal level. When that happens, the packaging will have to conform to a federal mandated level of child proofing. Once that happens, the constant cycle of designing new packaging every year for increased regulations should, hopefully, dissapear.

    Plus, I suspect local taxes, on cannabis, went up, wherever you live.
  3. HKMadness

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    I'm in CA.

    I found another place thru weed maps 5 min away that has them for $12 each or 2 for $20, so fuck that other place, they're just being greedy. I bought 10 gummies.
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    Sounds like it was just greed. I always try and check prices before going. Love Weed Maps. Get on the dispensaries text blasts, at least 2 or 3 of your favorite places. I get at least two texts a day about sales and rarely pay full price other than a gram of something new I wanna try.
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