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  1. amstron

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    could someone give me a scientific reason why green light effects plants during dark hours of flowering, as the plant cannot photosynthesise under this spectrum. This is just a matter of interest as the rule of thumb is no light during flowering, even green light. But if photosynthesis doesn't occur under green light then how can it effect the plant? :confused:
  2. Atom Bong

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    Its still hitting the plant with A spectrum of light which is throwing it off, this is just an educated guess....
  3. mountainman

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    I've had a similar question. Been wondering if there is a spectrum of light that won't throw the plants off. It'd make things easier, but I don't really wanna experiment unless I'm sure ;-)
  4. Powder Puff

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    There is some green spectrum light that won't effect the photosytesis.. I'm just not sure wich one it is..:eek: lol
  5. GrowinGreen23

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    when you see a green light it's all giving off the green color in the spectrum, green chlorophyl is used to attract all the other pigments except green

    this is what i think
  6. karmaxul

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    Plants use yellow light and blue light. Mix the two together and get green.

    a pure green wavelength at 562 Nanometers should not effect growth.

    The sun produces 58.3% yellow light
    36.3% blue light
    and 5.3% red light

    Average them out and get almost green to are eyes but no green wavelenghts. Green is the balance or middle of the rainbow.

    5.3% x 723.18(red nm) = 38.32
    36.3% x 508.7(blue nm) = 184.6
    58.3% x 616.0(yellow nm) = 359.1

    582.1 Nm = 5153.6 K (3,000,000/Nm(582.1 in pure light spectrum)=K(5153.6))
    Also the suns degree K

    Hope this helps
  7. busteruk7

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    i have read that green light does nothing to plants but are not sure if it will throw the plant off balance in the dark cycle
    why would you want a light in the dark cycle anyway?
    if its to mess about with them doing what eva the only light that does not affect a plant is uv light (black light)
    hope this helps:)
  8. snow owl

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    A green bulb in the grow room for emergencies during dark period, but accessing grow room will risk other spectrum light penetrating upon entry. Better off doing everything when lights are on and not concerning yourself with the green light theory.
  9. BlueDragonSmoke

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    so a 55k bulb is close to the suns spectrum?
  10. Bluefunk

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    Green light does nothing to plants - Plants absorb light through chlorophyll, chlorophyll appears green IE green light is reflected back at you and the other wavelengths are absorbed! However, plants do possess other photosynthetic pigments other than chlorophyll which could absorb in the green spectrum easily.
  11. Bluefunk

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    Also karmaxul that percentage doesnt account for the non-visible spectrum.. please quote your source.

    FERMENTATION Registered+

    Karmaxul: Where did you get those figures? They don't jive with any of the research a few of us have been doing for a few LED grows that are starting up over the next year. We are looking at 640-660nm and 430-470nm this is essentially red and blue. There will be other wavelengths involved but that is about it for the visible spectrum. The central part of the (human) visible spectrum is the least sensitive to plants (green and yellow.) Mind you I know that not all plants are the same and some are more sensitive to other colors, but we are talking about cannabis.

    I could be wrong but I don't think so. I have been researching this specifically for a few months now. If you can point me to some resource material that contradicts what I'm saying, please do.

    amstron: unless you are using a light with a very "tight" nanometer range like an LED your light will bleed into other wavelengths. Incandescent bulbs are no good for plant night-lights.

    FERMENT. Now, damnit.
  13. karmaxul

    karmaxul Banned

    They are codes I wrote, sorry I am the source

    The nonvisible spectrum can be converted into what it would be in the visible spectrum with codesand directly coincides with the visible at certain color ranges. For instance UV-B produces growth and if converted to where it would be on the pure light spectrum for our gravity it would be around 5150K which is the sun.
  14. amstron

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    thanks, just to get it straight, im not planning on using a green light as im pretty happy not going into my grow room during dark hours, it was just a matter of interest
  15. Zandor

    Zandor Registered+

    I have 25w true green bulb lights in all my flower rooms. They have no affect on the plants what so ever. I don't go into my flower room with the light on I run CO² and can't. I can only do my plant maintenance in the dark period. For me it's been this way for many years.

    A green filter is not correct it must be a true green bulb.

    The plant will not see the color green.
  16. alchemiser

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    Green light's quite safe to use on the girls at night :thumbsup:
    PLEASE please please make sure it is a green light emitter not just a geen filter over a bulb!
  17. BukDatAss

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    WoW thats good to know
  18. ShastaCoMan

    ShastaCoMan Banned

    ive used green lights in my flowering rooms for years, and have never had any ill effects from them whatsoever on the plants. the way i see it, alot more knowlegable people than me (such as jeorge) say its OK, so as far as im concerned its OK. people like jeorge cervantes have been doing this ALOT longer than probably any two of us put together, and doing it all over the world, doing the research and KNOW whats what, so why would you even think about "second guessing" them?

    if your worried about it, get yourself 1 25w party bulb and use it for emergencies only
  19. thepaan

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    Photosynthesis doesn't cease under pure green light - the rate is simply extremely slow. Additionally, there are literally hundereds of known accessory pigments in plants which have no known function other than support as antennas. This study which I read recently shows that a species of green algae responds well to green and red light (around 520 and 660 nm respectively) for resetting the circadian clock (the perception of day and night periods). So, while I believe a green light will have little if any noticeable effect on your cannabis, I believe that any light will have some effect.
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  20. bioguy

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    Green LED on environmental controler

    I have an evc-2 greenhouse controller and it has 8 green LED lights. I am worried they will effect my plants but it sounds like they won't (according to Zandor). Am I safe?

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