Green Tea, Garlic, and Vitamin C question

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by omanthissux, Dec 9, 2004.

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    Heres the facts.

    1. I had been clean for about 2 months after smoking pretty much every day for the better half of a year.

    2. I smoked 2 pretty good sized blunts on tuesday. (i couldnt take it nemore)

    3. I am supposed to have a drug test sometime soon...No sooner than 11 days.

    4. I am 5'11 180 with what i am assuming is a pretty active metabolism because i eat a ton of pizza and other shitty college food and dont put on any weight.

    The question.

    I read about green tea vitamin c and garlic as a good combination for cleaning THC out and the person who posted it seemed to know what they were talking about so im going to try it. When you say green tea, do u mean like real green tea that comes in tea packets or could i drink arizon green tea?....cuz last night i went out and bought a gallon of that arizona tea....its so nasty.....but my gf told me that they are two different things

    So just lemme know what you guys think and if u think i will pass in like 12 not sweatin it to bad cuz i think i will......

    and O yea do all life insurance agencies do the same test? or are they different?
  2. jacquelyne

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    Its actually Chinese green tea.Im not sure if it will clear out the THC but they are great antioxidents.
  3. KennabisCranium

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    The Arizona green tea is worthless as green tea. ya, real green tea like celestial seasonings and others. yes tea is an antioxidant but it also contains polyphenols which are important for the liver to metabolize drugs. Garlic is one of the few (if not the only) food that will enhance BOTH phases of your body's detoxification system. and vit c is very important for keeping the body's detox system running most effectively.
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    i heard green tea helps girls get pregnant?
  5. kr1Nx01

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    If you want to make sure you get clean faster, stop eating shite college food lol. Start eating loads of fruits and vegatables and keep your primary drinks to water/milk and/or green tea like you said. Stick away from too much sugar and fat, as THC is stored in fat and sugar converts to glucose which is then converted to fat if unused. Basically eat healthy and stay fairly active for a week or so and you should be able to pass a test.

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