Greener the better?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by ninetyfourhours, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. ninetyfourhours

    ninetyfourhours Registered+

    So is green the better.
    From what i have heard indica is more of the darker kind and sativa is lighter. And also doesnt indica give you the "couchlock" high and sativa basically the opposite?
  2. pixel

    pixel Registered+

    sativa is a clearer more mental high.. but yes you have the drift

    and i have never in all my days as a smoker seen weed a different color than green... a little brownish maybe but that was some disgusting ass shwag
  3. ninetyfourhours

    ninetyfourhours Registered+

    no im saying loike a lightershade of green compared to darker green. like someone i know was saying the darker he better
  4. Up In Smoke 420

    Up In Smoke 420 Registered+

    The darker the better is nothing color doesnt tell much I have no clue about lighter green and darker green telling you if its indica but I've smoked some brownish weed and it was really good.
  5. Seag420

    Seag420 Registered+

    every strain is different, some strains are darker than others, some like the famous purple haze are, well purple
  6. P.E.N.G.U.I.N.

    P.E.N.G.U.I.N. Registered+

    The tint of green is determined by both strange and curing. It's just moistness + chlorophyll. Wetter and fresher means darker.
  7. 420kidder

    420kidder Registered+

    Yeah not always the greener the better. You could probably look and tell if it was grown properly or atleast if it came out ok or not, but some pot that is extra green isn't that great to smoke and some lighter green herb is bangin. :)

    Then of course we move onto the weed that has various other colors, but I guess still primarily green. :)
  8. Tmar.aLL.DaYmar

    Tmar.aLL.DaYmar Registered+

    if i grew then id add food coloring to the water that i watered my herb with. think about how fucking trippy blue bud would be.
  9. DemoCommando

    DemoCommando Registered+

    The way you really tell is amount of trichomes and hairs and different colored hairs I think(not sure.)
    And look on the bud for coloration (blue, red, purple) as a sign for good bud.

  10. opiuser

    opiuser Registered+

    the color has nothing to do with it. the color is mainly effected by the genetics, darker is usually indica, lighter, sativa.

    the only thing that tells you how good the bud is is the trichomes, their size anmd color.

    look at the trichomes, they should be clear with a little yellow tint, if their red, theres way too much cbd and it doesnt even get u high, just couchlock
  11. Goodman3eb

    Goodman3eb Registered+

    The actual color of the trichomes doesn't have much to do with it; the trichomes arejust off-white and a little yellowish sometimes. The various color hairs also vary greatly in number and color, and regardless of the color, the more hairs and crystals, the better.

    Indica is darker buds, and sativa is also lighter, and more "neon" green. In this sense, the color can be indicative of the nature of the high, but not much further.

    Also, indicas smell darker; you get weird scents like chocolate, hash, and cherries in indicas, whereas sativas can smell anywhere from fruity to lemony to earthy to almost like chamomile tea.
  12. Solistus

    Solistus Banned

    Resin glands and hairs are usually a good sign because they indicate that the plant had ample nutrients and had excess energy to expend, both on producing the glands/hairs and on producing more THC. I've heard mixed reports as to whether the resin glands themselves have high concentrations of THC; I suspect that it varies by strain, with some strains (such as those grown to be used to make hash) having THC-rich resin and others (probably including most strains) having resin that contains mostly other cannabinoids. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that scientific studies have shown no correlatin between resin glands and potency when compared to less resin-heavy plants that had equal access to water, light and nutrients; however, as I said, the presence of lots of resin indicates favourable growing conditions, so in practice, resin glands are a good sign whether there's a lot of THC in them or not.

    As for colours, I doubt there's any genetic correlation between darkness of the bud and amount of THC (although I could be wrong). A more likely explanation for any observed correlation is that a majority of the good strains in your area happen to have darker buds. The best I've ever smoked was pretty average in colour, but covered in resin glands.

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