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    does anyone know the correct kind of greenhouse plastic to use for example uva clear,or uva white,or clear IR AD, IR,AD(ULTRAVIOLET)(ANTI DRIP)
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    Not sure, but I hope this will help.

    Planning and Building a Greenhouse

    Humidity is very important for growing in a greenhouse. Keep humidity in balance because too much of it can cause problems like mold growth that will cause damage to cannabis plants. Give only the amount of water that marijuana plants need and be careful not to over water it. To keep humidity in a balance level, regulate the exchange of air in your greenhouse. Secure ventilation fans, heaters, circulation fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air conditioning units and other devices that will help in achieving the optimal temperature for the marijuana plants to grow healthier.

    Growing in a greenhouse offers many advantages. Temperature is controlled, which you cannot do when planting marijuana outdoors. Pests, pollens and growth of other unwanted plants are prevented. Growing in a greenhouse will also shield marijuana plants from harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, cold temperature, frequent and heavy rains that can greatly affect the quality of your final marijuana harvest.

    Growing your own cannabis is a challenging task that requires time, knowledge, effort and money. Growing in a greenhouse is excellent if you want to take the most control of the marijuana plants. In greenhouse, there is no worrying about bugs and other pests attacking the weeds. Nothing compares the benefit that natural sunlight can give and this can be attained when plants are situated in the greenhouse. Environment is just perfect because along with the natural sunlight, variable changes in temperature are barred. Marijuana buds can thrive well in a greenhouse because environment is easily maintained.
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    well this will be helpful for my next summers i will try maybe an open one and just a roof one maybe attached to wodden sticks throughout so no sides just the roof piece so open air but dam those butterflies and other fliers they always bring caterpillers i have used sprays for this

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    It's pretty hard to keep pests out of a greenhouse. Bringing air in is going to bring in pests. e.g. spider mites, you can't see them and the wind carries them.
    You just have to be prepared to handle them.

    OP, look into Hoop Houses.
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    If it's not tented properly, it will fill with rain water and the weight will bring it down on top of the plants. Or I suppose you could put drainage in the center but that would dump a stream of water on the plants.

    You also have to consider the wind blowing it away. Those sticks better be securely anchored.
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    Going to push hoophouse again, you'll be surprised at the cost effective ...
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    thanks again to all

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