greetings from alaska

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by greenvalley907, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. greenvalley907

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    hi good people, very hopeful to find a new and very cool forum such as this. been one a few others in the past and figure it's time to get back on the digital wagon.
    i'm a 30 year old husband/father of 2. born in palmer, ak and now living in anchorage. i was born blessed to hippy parent artists who taught me to appreciate nature and all things green ;) .... gotta love those purps and blues too thou hehe.
    married a woman who never even thought about smoking the erb and i opened her eyes big time.
    anyways, hello to you good folks and look forward to being a part of the boards. :hippy:
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  2. AlaskanHermit

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    BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU!!! Need information about MTF! The ORIGINAL. Desperately seeking data! :) Hoping this catches up to you! Please reply here or via my email, which I THINK is listed on my profile. PLEASE contact me!
  3. Papa Legba

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    Welcome, I too, am new to the group.
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  4. RaysLiquorSauce

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    Welcome friends!
  5. xjking

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    Welcome, good to have you.
  6. onjig

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    Hi greenvalley ~ being born is a good thing ~ most of the time ~ will watch your posts ~ we had a Fencing Group ~ one of them moved up there ~ haven't seen hide nor hair ~ O Pete ~ he don't write ~ he don't call ~ he don't ~ anyway ~ Alaska sound nice ~ glad we bought it from the Russians ```



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