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    Hello Cannabis Community!:jointsmile:

    Today will be my first post, on my first grow. The difference with this log apposed to all the others is that I am already in the 2nd week of flowering. In this first post I will try to catch all of you up to where I am today. I’ve been taking truckloads of pictures so it should be pretty cool. I would love feedback from what I have done thus far.

    On a trip to A-Dam about a year ago I purchased 10 Bubble Gum seed. They laid dormant in my stash box for almost two years until one evening after stumbling into my home I decided to put one in a paper towel. I forgot about the dish and kept on livin. Three days later I noticed the dish and found a dry towel with a small seed and a root. The sight of that first root inspired me. I planted Amber and went on to sprout two more seeds (Jade and Perl).

    My set up:

    - The top shelf of my closet 19” deep 35” high and 46” wide
    - I enclosed the area with black plastic bags, tin foil on the sealing and inside and cloth on the outside
    - Two 30 watt 120V FL tube bulbs (those new energy saving bulbs)
    - During the day I open the front and place a small fan to air out the area

    Sapling set up:

    - Soil mix was a generic top soil mixed with perlite and vermicile
    - I used 18oz clear pink (I know this made a difference) Dixie cups
    - During the first two weeks I gave them each ¼ cup of spring using a spray bottle
    - After one week Amber passed away ☹
    - Perl grew much quicker than Jade, both looked healthy
    - I fed them once with a MG 20-20-20
    - Lights where on for 24hrs

    Vegative growth:

    - Once the saplings where big enough I transplanted them into 1-gallon water jugs.
    - I Used a Miracle-Gro potting mix which is composed of peat moss, perlite, a
    o wetting agent and a 0.21-0.07-0.14 fertilizer mix.
    - -With nutes in the soil I didn’t feed for 3 weeks then I started them with a MG 8-7-6 with every other watering (every 2-3 days)
    - Perl grew much quicker than Jade and before flowering was a full 3” taller
    - -After 10 weeks I turned down the lights


    - After only four days Jade decided she did not want to be a woman any longer and sprouted balls, Perl on the other hand was proud to be a woman and sprouted some hair.
    - I pulled Jade and quickly turned him into butter (made some tasty brownies☺
    - Now two 2.3 weeks into flowering Perl has 22 beautiful buds
    - I ran into a little leaf problem see
    - I flushed her with a gallon of water and the leaf decay slowed. Now a week later it’s getting worse.
    - Today I fed her for the first time with a MG Bloom Booster 15-30-15

    Im not to worried about her because the buds are looking great and the decay is isolated to the fan leaves. If anyone has seen this before and has some input I would love to hear it.

    I’ll keep this a weekly log on how Perl is doing. Thanks for any input and enjoy the pics!!!

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    I put some pics up in a few hours
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    I love Bubblegum!

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    It could be that im just stoned but how do I upload a picture???? I cant find an option on the reply page...
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    I had trouble too until I had so many posts, Maybe 20, maybe fifty, idunno. Anyone know how that works?

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    So far, sounds like its all going well, and your on the right track.

    You can post pictures in "Quick Reply, and Go Advanced" Its the Tiny IMG with the Mountains on it One slot left of the Smiley's. Insert the flick from a "image hosting site" i.e. Flickr,,photobucket...etc..and insert the link provided. Hope that helps lol I am high, like a 15-10
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    Cheers Guys!

    I'll see what I can do. Sorry about the slight delay on the upload. Hang tight. It's worth it:thumbsup:

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  9. erock0609

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    50 Post

    I made it!!! 50 post! Now a picture or two to mark the occasion.....

    These are all fresh from this morning:) Any comments on being 3.3 weeks into flowering?


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  10. StemSeed

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    good work! especially if u havent moved them out of those gallon jugs.

    EDIT: oh just read ur settup and how short they are. Still, good little grow man. Actually is inspiring me to go ahead and start growing a couple of my own using the exact same concept. I'm building a large grow room, but it won't be complete for at least one more month. Might as well have fun!

    I'll keep an eye on this thread to see how you do. :smokin:
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    Thanks for the comment Stem!

    It has most def. been a challange dealing with the space. Everyday I look at her I wish I could get her out of that 1 gallon jug and put her in something larger but I am out of room in all directions. I couldnt even get a larger pot through the closet opening:(. Regardless It has been a ton of fun and when I do have space for a large grow I feel Ill do quite well. Lets hope it ends as well as it started:)

    An update is coming soon.

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    cool just read through your thread, :thumbsup: keep them coming :)
  13. Rock.Steady

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    nice job, i love bubblegum, but never had bublicious, ill bet itll b awesome!
    keep up the good work,,,,,MORE PICS!:D
  14. erock0609

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    By popular demand...

    A few updates:

    The buds on Perl are looking great! Covered in crystals and smelling lovely. her buds smell sweet and fruity. Not quite bubble gum, but def. candy like. Im sure when I smoke her the bubble gum will show itself.

    I dont know if anyone of you have seen my plant problem thread ( but Perls fan leaves have been dying for a few weeks now. It seems to be a root bound problem (she is still in a 1 gallon jug). The rest of her looks great so Im not to worried but I still dont like seeing yellow. Any thoughts?

    Finally, because of time constraints and stress (growing in NYC is not very relaxing) I have moved the lights back two hours. this means 10 on 14 off. Anyone have any experiance in speeding up flowering?

    Thanks for all of the comments!:)

    Her are a few pics to wet your pallete:S5:


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  15. spongebobsmokepants

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    Good lookin grow buddy!:jointsmile:
  16. Rock.Steady

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    from what i heard, you cannot 'speed up' flowering. they will take as long as they need, depending on strain, the real difference is higher or lower 'yield' dependant upon nutes, lite, n love



    here's a lil idea of strains n time investment needed,
    my Thai takes 7-9 weeks veg, 14-16 wks flower.
    that 6 months dude!:wtf:

    my Blue Russians, about 5wks and 5wks from what i was told by who gave em to me. we're in week 3 veg, prolly 2-3 more, then flower about 5 or 6. they will likely beat my Thai clones to the dance, and I germed them when i moved the clones to flower, go figure:wtf:
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    If you want to get her out of that 1 gallon pot. Cut the Bottom out, put a 5gallon bucket underneath with soil, that way the roots can grow far down into the other bucket. Make sense? Stack them on each other, only cut sections of the 1 gallon so the plant doesn't fall through. Umm...Hope this helps, I am kinda impaired. Nice grow, and very nice lookin plants.
  18. erock0609

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    I have read on numerous grow logs that you can cut the light back and this will in fact speed up flowering. I agree that strain choice, nutes, etc. are the big factors in flowering time but im still hopeful that my girl will get the idea and speed up just a tad. I’ll start a thread.

    regardless of flowering time and everything that goes along with growing, I am loving this experience all the time. I just wish I could do free and clear without worrying about interference form the outside world.

    Thanks again for the input. This community rocks!

    More updates coming soon....
  19. StemSeed

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    I know what you mean man, it's a little stressful having to worry about the safety of those plants depending on how you're having to grow. but hope it all works out man!

    i wunna see the outcome (or smoke :smokin:). CannabisCarl had a good idea about the pots though the height is a problem.


    EDIT: i just realized that you might be running into problems not because of root-bound, but because those jugs are translucent, alowing the roots to have light which is not good. im actually suprised there havent been any major issues with this.....

    somebody know why this is?
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  20. erock0609

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    How does light contact affect the roots? Should I cover the bottom of the jug??

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