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    Hi guys, i was wondering how effective would a white cylindrical bucket would work for a grow "box".

    i managed to get a hold of those large pool chlorine buckets and since they are already white i thought i could just paint the outside black ( to minimize ligth going through the plastic ) and on the lid make 2 holes for a intake and outtake 12dc computer fans and a small hole in the middle so the electrical cable to the 100w powercompact bulb can go. will this make do??

    the bucket im talking about, is the one to the left in the attached pic

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  2. Gojira

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    built it

    well i didnt get any response to the original post, so i got antsy and built it ( i need to take pics) and after i built it i ... stumbled upon a desing flaw... and now my bag seed babies ( 2 of them ) are 2 days old and no place with proper light...

    the design flaw is.. that i should have added the light to the bottom of the bucket and not the lid.... is a lot easier to put the bucket over the plants so you just remove the bucket and water, trim ect... than.. opening the lid... getting the plant out of the bucket.. do the watering and such, meh i guess for the next build ill go that way for the mean time i have to solve some ligth leaks issues... ( painted it black but forgot that spraypaint wont stick to plastic... i have to get the krylon fusion spraypaint... ) btw anyone know where i can get some seeds or cutting from a good strain in Puerto Rico?? everything here is from bag seed and you can never get "brand name" cannabis only the "creepy" variety... but the seeds of that one(if you are lucky enough to find one ) never spout :p
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    and here are the pics

    here you can see the 2 babies and the grow bucket with MAJOR ligth leak issues :wtf:

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    Nice idea, shame your original post got overlooked, next time it might be an idea to bump it. ;)

    As well as sorting out the light leaks, I would make one other change. I would move the intake fan near to the bottom on one of the sides (about the same height as the top of your pots). That way fresh cold air will come in through the bottom intake, pass up through the plants while being warmed by the light and then get sucked out the top by your extract fan.

    You could also use black stockings/tights to reduce the light leak through the fans and act as a dust filter. (idea stolen from Bigtopsfinns grow cabinet +rep him if you use it :))
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    just what i was thinking

    hey PhatJay, damm thats a good idea about the placement of the intake fan will apply that to my next grow bucket ( i happen to have another bucket, my friend works at a cleaning pool place thing lol ), as for the stockings for filtering light and dust i had a similar idea lol.. cause after running for almost 3 days and it has a lot of dust in int and some random month ( dead... lol ) inside... so the stocking it is in the mean time :thumbsup:

    as for the placement of the fans, thing is that i made it that way cause when i was a kid my mom bought my this air purifier and on the top of the cylindrical purifier was this intake hole and you would put this round lil basket in it and fill it with activated carbon, so in my head i was planning to later build lil square basket in my case and fill them with Activated Carbon and put them on top of the outtake fan ( odor control ). but then again.. i would only need one basket for the output and i can still add the fan on the side.. .jummm.. lol

    thx for the ideas :p

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