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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by nonono, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. nonono

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    I know almost nothing about growing weed.
    About a week ago I decided to start a crop of my own. I was high at the time.
    The next day I did some sober thinking on the topic, still liked the idea, and decided to go for it.
    I’m sixteen.
    My only forms of transportation are my feet and my skateboard.
    I have no income.
    My parents don’t know that I smoke, much less that I plan on cultivating.
    The seeds are just some likely looking candidates I picked out of the bud I got off a friend.

    I still think this is the best thing I’ve ever thought of.

    What I have so far:
    -Ocean Forrest soil ($20)
    -Two 24 W T5 Fluorescents, color temperature 6400 K, supply voltage 110V/60Hz. I don’t know what that means; it’s just what the box says. ($25 each)
    -Two germinated seeds in styrofoam cups with holes punched in the bottom.
    -A lot more seeds still germinating by way of paper towel and cotton ball. Some are cracked with little tap roots poking out.
    -A closet lined with aluminum foil and white trash bags. White tarp on the bottom.
    -No place to keep my shoes. No place to keep my pants.
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    Listen bro, growing in your 'rents house without them knowing can be very bad, your parents could lose their house and go to jail (not you, its in Their house remember) growing takes 4 months or more (90-100 days if qualified), do you think you can hide it from them that long? 2ndly Growing takes cash and know-how, lots of both; 2 24w t5's won't grow weed, ok maybe one plant, might get you a spliff, total. 3rdly, I think if you wanna mess with this hobby, go find some woods or a park or somewhere inconspicuous and plant them there (after germination of seeds) go check on them every few days, let them live wild, see what you get, trust me you'll learn a lot and if you get caught, you can say "I just stumbled on them...". Please, Please do not grow in your parents place, you don't know how handy their trust can be.
  3. nonono

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    Don't worry. I didn't go into this thinking, 'omg i cant wait to tel all teh kids at skool about teh POT in my CLOSET'. The only people who know are me and my brother. I'm willing to move or scrap altogether if I get the feeling my security's been compromised. As for guerilla growing, it is definitely not a viable option where I live.

    I'm not using fluorescents for the entire grow; this is just what I've thrown together over maybe three days. I'd hate to lose my $70+ investment so I'll be continuing on for now.

    Thanks and sorry if that sounded like a kiss-off.
  4. 4x5

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    We get a lot of "kiss-off's" around here it seems, just trying to prevent you from screwing up your relationship with your parents. Good Luck and cya round'
  5. nonono

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    I didn't want to use my whole closet so I made kind of an aluminum curtain/door to cut it in half. It makes it hard to get a good idea of what my setup looks like, plus I already can't open my second door because the tape connecting the trashbag ceiling will snap if I do.

    I added the third germinated seed right before getting on. Forgot to add drainage holes before filling the cup with dirt, so I just stabbed some through afterward. I think the rest of the seeds are probably dead.

    I'm watering the seedlings once a day until I can see water come out the bottom.

    Electricity-saving procedures in effect since yesterday.

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  6. nonono

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    And wow, I really should've shrank those.
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    You parents are going to smell it and find it. When you begin to flower.
    Also the heat will be an issue.
    I think you need to think this threw a bit.
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    What ever happend here
  9. EvilCartman

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    :D I wonder...
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