Grow room has carpet - require advice and feedback on my solution plz

Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by HazePhase, Feb 22, 2017.

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    Hey Peeps,

    The only place I have room for a grow is upstairs in my spare bedroom which has carpet.
    I am running 2 - tents (currently have one set up) which is a 5x5 and a closet on 2x4.

    Everything is carpet in this room and what I was thinking of doing is laying down pond liner in the room with about 6 inch of lip on each side going up the wall. This way keeps dust and what not under and keep nutes and water off my carpet.
    Since I have a door that opens inward to get into the room I am going to have to make a 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 frame to go around the door with some wood (open to suggestions please) so that i can open the door but still be able to have a 6inch lip to catch any water.

    The tents i have are Gorilla tents so they hold tons of water and I am currently doing soil but may switch to hydro - I just wanted to ensure no issues with my carpet and I don't want to have to lay down plywood first.

    I was hoping to get some feedback from peeps.
    14x10 is the size I need and I was thinking of getting it from:

    I would assume for what I am using it for the 24mil would be enough - they also have stronger ones 30 and 40mil but this is already 3x stronger than EPDM liners.

    Hoping to get some help and comments - thank you!
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    I just laid down a plastic tarp.
    I cover it with puppy training pads, or Nu-fit under-pads.
    Made of the same stuff diapers are made of they hold an incredible amount of water.
    And, they are thin, my door opens right over them.
    Of course, I'm growing is soil so it catches run off and spills.
    Each pad, 36" x 23" holds >2 quarts
    The pads have a plastic backing so I can just roll them up and toss them.
    The tarp is a just in case backup.
    Works for me, hope it works for you.
    Wee 'zard

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