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Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by Thekpbulldog, Jun 25, 2004.

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    hi people, I have just registered myself to this site and found a lot of useful information.

    I am a complete amature at growing plants and under lights (ok I have never done it before :) ) but I would like to hear what you would recommend fro my small grow room.

    I plan to do it under one of my kitchen cupboards which I painted white this morning. I have also germinated some Durban Poison which are now potted.

    I am totally oblivious to which lights I should be using as most of the posts and threads I have seen are based on larger scale grow rooms.

    The dimensions of my cupboard is roughly 3ft in height and length and 1 1/2 foot width. which can been seen in the photos. above is a kitchen work surface to the left of the cupboard is plasterboard and to the right it is brickwork.

    I want to put a light into this cupboard, but I am not sure what I should be looking for. I have seen people saying that they use 80w HPS lights, I have seen people say this is too small and should be looking for a 250w HPS light or more.

    Are these the correct lights I should be looking for for this small space or will these do fine.

    Will I also need to insert fans and extractors into into this cupboard or will I beable to get away without

    I don't plan to grow masses and masses (well for now anyway) I am just looking to grow some plants for myself and some mates. I have 5 plants potted just now just to try it out.

    I also have a limited budget as well, I have seen 250w HPS lights on ebay for £60, and for the same type of light some sellers are charging anything up to £100 +. I really want to get into this and start off as cheaply as possible if it is possible to start off cheaply to see how I go.

    Should I go for another type of lighting system.

    I understand most of you will get asked these questions time after time but I would appreciate any help at all, I'll keeping scanning through this section to see if I can find anything else which is pretty close to how I will be setting this up

    Thanks in advance


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  2. kramllehctim

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    looks good.

    I got to admit, it looks real neat. Be sure you can supply plenty of ventalation! If you use a 250HPS light, your gonna get some heat in that small place real fast. You might want to look into a high intensity Florecent. Much cooler, and great for ONE plant. Take a look at my photo albulm here on I don't have a space much bigger in a closet, using a 400w HPS. :) :) :)
  3. cannabis321

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    i would'nt try it.there wont be enough air the plants would die.
  4. cannabis321

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    it would get way to hot
  5. Phreakish

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    Its a bit hasty to say that it wont work.. I´m new here but I´m old at Swecan and and OG. All is about the works... if he created a cool tube or bought one, installed a good fan on the outside to suck out the heat it would work. Then using horisontal scrog combined with a sog, these could be kept alive in a closet with just a 15 watt low energy bulb. Taking the seedlings and putting it under the HPS holding dem down so that they dont grow that much up. Oh well... thats how I see it.. Maybee I´m just a idiot..
  6. cannabis321

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    but why buy and put in all that extra stuff?just find a different spot!if possible find a spot out side in some woods or something.has long as no one can see them your ok.just hide them really really good.just when you go out to water them make sure no one sees you!!! or else ur crop is ruined!!
  7. Json

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    dam thats start of ur plants it will be fine.u only need to open the doors at night if pos or a bit in the morning,its pretysmal so after a while ur durban will outgrow it. it will only be good for a small period of time.if u buy an hps it will get hot so u will need a small fan.
    am growing with 2,60w,1,100 w normal lights bulbs en a 60 liter aquarium light(cool with i fink)in a simala small place(en ther still going an thev been on12/12 fer 5 days now)
  8. lakers91

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    Nice, even im planning to grow in a place like urs...

    Only that my cupboard is tallwe, much taller...and 18 inches in width :)

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