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Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by UpInVapor, Feb 22, 2010.

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    I have decided to build a grow box and put it in a closet in my spare bedroom. The closet is 5' (Deep) x 4.5' (Wide) x 9' (Tall). The box I am putting in will have 2 sides with 3 chambers. The box will be 3.5' (Deep) x 4.5' (Wide) x 6' (Tall). I am going to make two main chambers, one for veg (3.5' Deep x 1.5' Wide x 6' Tall) and one for flowering (3.5' Deep x 3' Wide x 6' Tall). The veg chamber will be two smaller chambers, one being up top for clones 1.5' Wide x 2' Tall. The bottom part of that chamber will be for mothers and will be 1.5' Wide x 4' Tall. I want to end up flowering like 3-4 plants at a time. I am planning to use a passive intake active exhaust for ventilation with an inline duct fan like Inductor 6 In. In-Line Duct Booster Fan - DB206 at The Home Depot used for the exhaust. I just need to figure out how to wire that fan so I can just plug it into an outlet. I am planning to build the box out of wood using thin particle board or similar for the walls and lining it with mylar sheeting. I am growing Joey Weed Blueberry and Cindy 99 x AK47.

    Here is the layout:
    Box Plans.JPG

    What does everyone think? Any ideas? Suggestions?
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    Ok, I have put some more thought into this since some have told me this is not enough ventilation. HTG Supply has 3 different sizes for this duct fan: They have a 4", 6", and 8". The 4" - 80CFM, 6" - 160CFM, 8" - 300CFM.

    What about if I use 2 of the 6" fans in the flowering chamber with a decent size passive intake? I will be using CFLs in the Veg side for clones and mothers. With just CFLs on that side will I still need to exhaust? If I do, what about if I make a passive intake at the bottom of the mother veg chamber and a 4" exhaust in both the mother and clone chambers and run ducting from those two outtake holes into a Y splitter with a 6" duct fan pulling air out of both of those chambers since they should not get too hot without a HID? If using one fan for the mother and clone sections together will not work I could do a passive intake and 4" exhaust duct fan from HTG supply in each of those chambers, which would set me up with 2 6" exhaust duct fans in the flower chamber and 2 4" fans in the veg chambers, one in with mothers and one with clones. How does that sound? The HPS I am using in the flowering chamber I bought from HTGSupply a couple years ago but never turned on. It will not have a cool tube.
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    What about odor control?

    Assuming you will have a carbon filter mounted in the flower room, maybe you can just use a passive intake and passive exhaust for your clone and mother stations... Kind of hard to explain but here goes...

    Make holes so that the air flow starts low in the mother room and goes up into the clone room. Make the exhaust for the clone room lead to the flower room. Then get the 8" fan + speed controller and carbon filter, and exhaust the air from the flower room. You will also want to keep one intake in the flower room, but make it a little smaller to maintain negative pressure.

    Just an idea... that way you only need one fan and carbon filter. It still will depend on how many cfl's/fluoros you plan on using, and what the temps are coming into the grow room... A lot of variables but I think you have the right idea.

    Something that I've learned the hard way, get the bigger fan and a speed controller. I bought a fan recommended for a 400w, and it's barely enough to keep my temps in range, and it's noisy since it has to run on full power. A larger fan with a controller gives you much more options, and will run quieter too if you don't crank it up full blast.

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    This is the light I have from HTG - High Tech Garden Supply - Can I cooltube that easily? Or is there a way to put the ballast outside the box with the light just inside?
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    :thumbsup:hi upinvapor,i've not looked your light up but,the ignitor can be up to 17m from a 400w lamp on hps systems!:jointsmile:
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    sorry,i gave the figure for the ignitor because the ballast can be up to 30m from the lamp,but if your ballast/ignitor/capacitor are in a sealed unit 17m is your max!!

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