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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by masterg, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. masterg

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    Hi, i was looking on this website and saw this grow schedule, ive got the complete organic bio-bizz range, and on this thing it shows me 2 do it like this, but its only in VEG stage for 2weeks, is this right, if ya notice anythin else dodgy please help me out as well, cheers.
    Heres da link.

  2. Zandor

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    One of the problems with forums is also one of the great things about forums too.
    Members post questions and strangers posts replies.

    You just need to figure out if it's fact or bull shit good luck.
  3. latewood

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    give it a shot, I don't use bio-bizz, but the chart looks like one of their feeding charts...have you gone to there website?
  4. masterg

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    yeah i was on there main page and browsing through i found that growing graph, i was just thinkin thats a bit quick for the veg stage init, just 2weeks, but it might be right so i'll try it.
    Cheers 4 helpin man.

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