Grow shed Pros and Cons(Give me ur opinion)

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by stoned88911, Oct 28, 2008.

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    Ok so my plants are getting in the way inside my house.I am thinking about buying a plastic shed from home depot, dementions are 7.9 feet tall, 7 feet wide, and 3 feet 5 inches deep. (price is about 400)Big Max Jr. Shed - 371300 DPLAT at The Home Depot think id split it in half and use one side for veg and clones and other for flower.What do you guys think about this?Do you think it be hard to maintain temps?( i have heaters i could use in winter and id definitly set up exhaust fans and such)What else could be bad or good about that set up?
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  2. stoned88911

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    come on guys click the link and tell me what u think about it. should i buy it
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    i dont know man....its going to be a bitch maintaining temps in that...its not insulated so heat will just fly right out of that thing.
    you be better off stick building a shed with 2x4's so u can put insulation in it.
    it would probably end up being about the same price, but a bit more work.
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    Temps are going to be tough
    Good luck getting appropriate electricity out there- 20A or more through extension cords on your lawn=recipe for disaster
    Suppose the choppers scan your hood; your GLOWING shed is going to raise some eyebrows
    Neighborhood kids trying to steal your dirt bike will be super happy to take your weed instead
    Search warrant rules apply differently to outbuildings than to the primary residence on the property
    The neighbors may notice you spending inordinate amounts of time in the shed
    Your basement is a better, safer, easier place to grow

    Just sayin....
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    I'm no carpenter but I'd have to agree that building your own shed at those dimensions would be better AND it would be custom. The trouble would be pitching the roof if you were inclined to do so(no pun intended). You'd wanna go with a plastic or metal roof anyways because your eaves would need to breath if wood or your roof would rot. With a plastic or metal roof you could insulate the roof and not worry about rot.

    If you do build one it is easy enough to insulate it with paperback fiberglass batting. Then just get some nice cheap 1/4" ply or wallboard and finish the walls. The temps can be dealt with, but it would take either A. alot of work or B. decent chunk of $ for a decent temp controller.

    I'm also no electrician but there is ROMEX out there appropriate for outdoors and you could bury it to your new shed. Splice into an existing circuit, though I wouldn't recommend doing it unless you either have decent AC experience or get explicit instructions from someone qualified to do it. (May be harmful/fatal to yourself or others if not done correctly.)

    Also there's what Stinky said, much to worry about. I don't know how your property is set up but there's nosey neighbors and possible intrusion/dectection would be your biggest concerns after all that. I'd stick to your house if I were you, but if you want a shed then it's definately doable just risky.:cool:
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    I've heard nothing but good things about tents like that. I opted to go for building my own clone/mother cabinet though as it was FAR less expensive than a tent version of the same thing. This worked for me because I use a closet for flowering. Which I will post pictures of when my ladies go into flower in the Closet/Cabinet sub-section.

    How are the temps in your garage?
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    I got a heated garage.
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    ok here is what i ended up buying

    High Tech Garden Supply

    Im probly going to buy one of there fan/carbon filter combos to hook up to it.

    What do you guys think of it.
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    These grow tents look really neat. Almost ideal for what I plan to do in the future.
  13. smileyculture

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    i have a grow shed which is plastic about 8x8,i insulated it with that light weight insulation with the tin foil,i stuck that all around my shed, then got some wood and built a shed inside, i then got silicon about 20 i used a coved every gap holes i could see, my door i used velcrow all around to stop anything getting in ,i then cut out my holes for my fan in and out at the top out and down the bottom in i made them air tight, i then put my two plug and grow lights in which are 300 watts but the lumens of a 1000 a fan which my fan goes off and on evey ten minute keeping it at 26 degrees. o and make sure you do the floor too at least four inches off the ground. well my plant are going great, and were the front of ur room is make sure its insulate so wood insult then wood again. and the roof about a foot gap then just chuck what you wont on top of it well that was what i did and its going good took me about aweek and abit to build after work a couple of hours every day well worth it...
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    The garage would be a better idea. Heat is a big issue(I grow in a uninsulated attic and in the winter with the light on its perfect(75-80) but in summer temps can reach the 100's)

    Also if you got 40 acres of land, you can grow your indoor crop and veg some nic big clones and plant them on your 40 acre plot in spring.(people will be planting seeds when youll be planting a 20 inch tall female)

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