Growing Cannabis Clones Outdoors?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by disoBAYish, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. disoBAYish

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    In general: Good or bad idea?

    I ask because I bought 2 clones of Green Crack roughly 3 weeks ago from my local Cannabis Club. I put them in 3 gallon pots and they are vegging like crazy in my back yard. Will they bud if I just continue to leave them outdoors? Or should I bring them indoors and put them under some lights to get them to start flowering. They look ready to me, although I am not entirley too sure about this method of growing you hear almost nothing about.
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    Up to You

    Depends when and what you want to do. You can leave the clones in the sun, do one more repot into a 5 gal pot late August and harvest with the rest of the world in October.

    I doubt they will bud ahead of time, though you never know. Budding now= small yield.

    If you have a safe place outside I'd let 'em go. Grow big or go home.

    Good Luck
  3. disoBAYish

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    I wasn't aware that you could just let a clone go like that.... If that is the case, I want them to be monsters!!!! Grow them out all the way until they are ready to harvest. I am already seeing the differences in growing clones indoor, and outdoor since I am doing both at the moment.
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    All my plants came from clones. They are doing great outside. Funny thing though is the one green crack that did survive is stunted seems like. I guess that happends with clones. Good luck with your grow and keep us updated:stoned:
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    Clones Vs Seeds

    The only thing to watch for when growing clones outside is that the clone root system is not as developed as a plant from seeds. So if you have a real hot spell you may notice wilt. If so, put them in the shade for the afternoons.

    Also watch out if you are using black pots. When the sun hits them they can heat up. Don't roast your roots.

    Once the clone becomes established, (3 weeks or so) then you no longer have to baby them.

    Other than that treat them like any other outdoor plant. And they will get big. They will jump. So have some fun with them
  6. disoBAYish

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    All my plants come from clones as well. The 2 Green Crack I have outdoor are by far the best looking of all my plants thus far. I can tell if they are happy or not because the blades of the fan leaves bend up in like a 'V' shape on the Green Crack when they are happy. If they are too hot or need water, they sag down a little bit and form a 'n' shape. It is very easy to tell if this strain needs water, shade, direct sunlight, or nutes.
  7. disoBAYish

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    Gotcha. The first couple of weeks I baby them to help them build strong roots, then when they bush out and Veg... I let them go. That is exactly what I have done thus far and my plants are perfect, so thanks for the confirmation and good advice. I will keep in mind that I use black pots as well.

    So far I am having a lot of fun with them. It has increased the quality of my life, which is what this is all about for me.

    From what I understand, it is almost time to start adding nutrients to my outdoor Green Crack clones. I have had them for about 4 weeks. What should I use, Fox Farm?
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    Wow nice looking plants:thumbsup:. You should do some reading in here so you will be ready for them later. If you sit them outside now by harvest there going to be huge, or monster's if you like. Keep posting id like to watch them grow guy:hippy:

  10. Stomper420

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    They look good, keep going. They will be monsters. Peace

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