Growing during the winter

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Sjapp, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Sjapp

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    My problem is keeping my plants warm enough

    I want to start growing. There is a room in my garage where the water heaters are. I'm not sure how cold the garage gets at night, but outside it will get as cold as -10 Fahrenheit.

    Everything I have read about temperature control was about cooling down the grow box. I need to keep it warm.

    My only ideas are to have the exhaust at the bottom of the grow box so it pulls down the heat from the lights and warms it up. Maybe I could insulate it somehow. I would keep the lights on at night when its coldest outside to warm up the box and the lights off during the day when its warmer.

    I'd really like some advise or suggestions on how to keep it warm enough.

    Also, would using a carbon filter for the exhaust take away the smell. It would be best if my parents didn't find out
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  2. Hennessy1414

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    this will keep em warmer

    and if you dont wanna make one or ten of those grow boxes i would suggest getting a heat blowing fan. you can pick one up at home depot. it has a reflective backing on it creating heat and blowing it amongst your crops. is the garage totally free of light leeks? Having the light on during the night would be good but having it off during the day when you want it dark and having light get in there wont be good when it gets to flowering.

    oh and this will keep the odors out if properly made/ sealed up

  3. Sjapp

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    should i put the electric heater within the grow box? light will not be a problem. The box will be within a room within the garage which is usually dark. And I am confused about the carbon filter. What exactly are they for. Do I need one for each intake and exhaust?
  4. Hennessy1414

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    an electric heater inside a plastic container! :eek: dont do that. with the carbon filter is for the exhaust only. the fresh air is blown from outside and the dirty/smelly air is blown out a cylinder filled with carbon. pretty good method. also search LST'ing a plant on google. if i cant answer all of your questions look all around this site for GREAT info on growing the holy shit. all i can say is read read read. it will come in handy for shure:Rasta:
  5. Sjapp

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    The LST really explained a lot. I think I'm ready. Ill just put an electric heater in the room. Hopefully it'll keep it warm enough.
  6. Mr. Clandestine

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    Carbon filters aren't foolproof, they can lose their effectiveness after prolonged use, if they're in dusty conditions, and so on. If cultivating cannabis is illegal in the state/country you live in, it would be wise not to hide it from your parents. If, for some reason, the authorities were to find out about your grow, your parents could get in a lot of trouble.

    If you really do live in the Netherlands, then just get a space heater and keep it close to your grow area. Distinguish how hot you'll need to keep it by adjusting it during the coldest time of the night. Also calculate how much heat is already being produced by the lights.
  7. silkyblue

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    your parents!!! honey how old r u?

    jeeeezzz children need to go to bed!
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  8. Hennessy1414

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    grow those herbs nice and high:Rasta:
  9. Sjapp

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    ha yah don't worry I'm about to go to bed. But don't tell me you didn't use to dream about growing. I'm just trying to make my dream come true. I'm not waiting till I have my own place and a job.
  10. Hennessy1414

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    get outta here with that. at least we aint cookin meth or supporting drug dealers. :Rasta:
  11. silkyblue

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    Im sorry if I sounded like prud

    dont spaz on my arse

    I worrry the young lung thang

    its up to the parents
  12. silkyblue

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    children smoking herbs stops legalization

    yes your right at least its not a harsh drug

    its cool!



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