Growing equatorial landrace Sativa's indoors

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by frostymcfailure, May 1, 2009.

  1. frostymcfailure

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    Landrace sativa's are amazing & literally priceless for the medical user. These 100% sativa's usually have a flower period of 16-24+ weeks.

    Id like some tips on growing equatorial hazes, 20week flower+ thai's(SE asia) and south american types indoors under HPS. Whats the best way to go about that, how will the set up differ from hybrids? Landrace sativa's are such amazing specimens!
  2. MDFinest

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    I dont know much about it but I hope you have some room.. because not only do sativas like to stretch out but the fact that they'll be going for a good 6 months.. even with training I'm pretty sure they'd be gigantic.

    all I can say is try your best to make them feel at home because equatorial or subtropical climate all the way to a closet is a big change for any strain. LLS
  3. JD1stTimer

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    Put tiny clones directly into flowering with only 10 hours of light and 14 of darkness. And they will still take a long time to ripen, and they will stretch and stretch. You will need to use lots of lst to keep them short and wide, lots of pruning may also help. If my bagseed turns out really lanky sativa I'm probably only going to flower one clone at a time and weave it through a grate so I have a big rectangle of stems and little bud sites popping up from that. Then when the rectangle is all filled up I will cut the apical stem, smoke any little bud that's at the end of it, and then just cut the tops off the buds as they stretch before they hit the ceiling. Or if the canopy is not very dense with foliage I will weave the buds through the canopy horizontally to fill it with dense greens, and then just cross my fingers that I can grow it long enough to ripen without having more plant material than what my cabinet can hold.
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    Hey Frostmcfailure,

    Growing equatorial sativas indoors is a very large undertaking (pardon the pun). A Thai sativa goes 3-5M (9 to 15 feet) normally oudoors. I have grown it in my greenhouse, that only has 8' from floor to ceiling, and the only way is to use a Vertical Growth Inhibitor that forces flowering sooner and cuts the plants growth in height by about 1/2.

    The only other thing is you'll need lots of light and lots of time (electric).

    Check out or google "Bushmaster" vertical growth inhibitor. It is a consumer version of the stuff I've used.
  5. frostymcfailure

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    sweet you rock man but i heard some negative reports about bush master burning strains, stunting growth & ram horning, is there truth to this? How would you use it, maybe once they got to a few feet or what?
  6. oldmac

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    As far as the Bushmaster, "burning strains"...I have not seen that. But you can burn strains with too much nutrient.
    As for it "stunting growth"...da that's what it is suppose to do.
    And as to "ram horning"....I don't know what that is.

    When all else fails, read the directions.
  7. the image reaper

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    I think you'll like reading this, from DJ Shorts, the famous breeder, he manipulates light periods to 'bring out' sativa characteristics ... cool idea
    Breeding tips | Cannabis Culture Magazine
  8. MDFinest

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    that article was BOMB! Most definitely think equatorial/subtropical when you grow sativas. You want to mimic it's original environment to emphasize those sativa phenotypes.
  9. grey1223

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    Stop Stretch also works and ususally reduces height about 50%.
  10. frostymcfailure

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    It really is a great article, thanks IR.

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