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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by smokedawg420, Aug 20, 2010.

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    is tiger bloom the only thing that i'm adding, doesn't require more potass the nitrogen during this stage. Am I still doing ex. 6-10-15 and tiger or just tiger?
    Thanks to everyone for your help!! smokedawg420:jointsmile:
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    for dummies is right

    you need too go to foxfarms website. they have a feeding chart/schedule for their line of products just like any other manufacturer.
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    He already knows about the FF website and schedule from his other thread on the same subject and some would say- netiquette faux pas:

    Yes, you need Ph up and/or Ph down, tiger bloom and big bloom. Tiger is the stronger of the two nutes so if you only have one, Tiger is the one to have. Big bloom is sort of a "tea" and is much more mild to go along with stronger fertilizers on the FF schedule. Get on that Ph ASAP if you have not already!

    FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company

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    hey man.. im a complete noob on this site.. and have a serious question.. is there anyway you can give me directions on how to post a new thread?? for some reason i seriously cant figure it out.. im a little buzzed (alcohol) and am stumped..

    much appreciated if you could help me out man..

    thx much dude
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    No Problem

    First just pick the forum that you would like to ask your ? Make sure if your wanting to ask a ? about growing then go to that forum and not medical marijuana. Once in the forum just look for start thread click on and ask away. Hope this helps, smokedawg420:jointsmile:

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