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Discussion in 'Arizona (AZ)' started by nazman, Nov 18, 2010.

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    It is important to read and know the new Arizona MM Law. People interested in growing. The rules are you must be 25 miles from a dispensary to grow for yourself. The plan is to have these dispensary's equally spread across the state. That will eliminate 99% of people growing their own.
    The good news is these rules are not in stone yet. The ADHS is doing the initial informal draft of rules 12-17-10 They are asking for public comment on these rules 12-17 to 1-7-11
    If you are interested to grow your own then you must be proactive and get as many people interested to also do so.
    Here is the site
    AZ Department of Health Services: Proposition 203
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    I think they are going to have to change that 25 mile limit for caregivers and patients. That is just unfair for the people of Arizona to have to give our money for dosia to dispensary at 300-400 an oz. Phoenix is big, but not that big. As a horticulturist its cool; but that is just asking for bad Karma, especially in a time like this when people do not have the funds.
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    Great to know. Thanks for the news. Keep us posted on anything else you know. We are starting a dispensary in Phoenix. Phoenix Cannabis Club I will inform the board on all new information I hear as well. Let me know if you would like to meet and discuss Prop 203. Networking is always important.
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    Your contact us link on your website doesnt work
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    My thought was that the feds are really only going after operations not abiding by the spirit of the laws. Are dispensaries required to be non-profit in CA? Google search comes up with some news items, but not the magnitude that would really concern me.

    First link from CA seemed like a BS raid, but not enough info, 2nd in CA the owner was accused of meth and coke distribution as well, the 3rd in MI indicated resales taking place on the premises and concern about amounts considering the law restricts dispensaries to 12 plants (how much business can you do with only 12 plants at a time?) I just saw another in CO that claimed to be a raid, when it seemed like only a search, nothing taken. A number of results I saw were from 2009.

    Doesn't look to be as big an issue. I know CA has tons of growers and dispensaries compared to the measely 125 AZ will have and I can't imagine the DEA going harder on AZ than CA, especially if it's not as loosely regulated as it is in CA.

    Here's my prediction. Sen. Herb Kohl has said that he plans to put a "hold" on her, which would delay her confirmation over a prescription issue. She gets delayed, Obama tells her to go easy on medical MJ because he's getting flak for seeming to flip-flop his stance if she doesn't. In return, Obama nominates her again. She agrees to both Kohl and Obama so she can get her shiny new title and pay raise, everyone's happy.

    Either way, guess I'll be a test case. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance. :D
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    wilkins, I like where your head is at!
    PM me if you need any help with making your site look and feel a little more professional!!
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    What's unfair is you trying to bash potential dispensary owners and their potential pricing, notice my liberal use of the word potential here, seems how no one is selling any pot from a dispensary yet. Also, please do not compare our NEW program to the failed programs of other states, no offense but it is what it is.

    Maybe look at what a few sites like ours are talking about before you speak...

    Maybe take a look at the AZDHS youtube channel and see whats up.

    Also something that should be pointed out but hasn't yet except on our other thread posts.

    NO DISPENSARY will be operational BEFORE patients apply for cards. This means almost everyone will be allowed to grow the first term of their registration card. Our classes are already filling up and are over a month from starting still.

    For more accurate information about Prop 203 and Arizona's Medical Marijuana Program visit our site. For people looking to meet up locally we have informal lunches everyday Friday between 2-4pm at Carmaba's located at I-17 & Bell Rd.
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    and to answer another question, the dispensaries in Cali are mostly FOR profit, not NOT for profit as all AZ dispensaries will be. Which is good, it will drive black market prices lower eventually phasing them out. The dispensaries will all be selling in the same range which is good for patients.

    Obama is NOT going to go after those operating within State guidelines, however those that have over stepped their boundaries will be sought after.
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    While I agree with you, that's how it was written into Prop 203 as it was voted on by the people. Changing that would be like changing anything else in the proposition, which (if I have it right- I may not) would require something like a 2/3rds vote. This is one reason why voting "yes" on ANY state proposition should be weighed very carefully indeed: if it sucks, repealing it is difficult.
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    Seems they created a monopoly for private business. With the 120 dispensary's planed, that would not be enough to create competitive pricing. In a small town with only 1 dispensary they can charge whatever. Patients that can't afford $200-$400oz. marijuana need a choice. These rules as they are fail the mission. These rules should tailored around the patients best interests.
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    Yeah; it seems the Medical Marijuana Policy Project really rigged it in their favor. Check out the discussion in the bottom part of this blog:

    30 Facts About Arizona’s New Medical Marijuana Law | NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform

    Saying it needed all those restrictions to pass was nonsense. Nobody heard squat about any of this in the press before it passed- most people don't even know about it now, which has led to considerable confusion.
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    Just a thought

    Maybe they don't need to change the 25-mile rule, just add conditions to it. Like, A patient can grow If
    Patient can prove a financial hardship to afford dispensary prices
    Patient can grow if there are not at least 5 dispensary’s in a 25-mile distance from where they live.
    Patient can grow if they live outside the city limits of any city.
    Patient can grow if a desired strain is unavailable to them.

    ADHS has already added many conditions to the rules, certinly they can add some to the 25-mile rule.
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    Great information AlThor, Here it is, the reason for the 25-mile rule "to give a market to the dispensaries in the community so they'd be viable" listen for yourself.
    MPP’s Andrew Myers Discusses Medical Marijuana in Arizona | The NORML Stash Blog
    I certainly hope this is being brought to the attention of Will Humble and ADHS. it's a scam to the patient.
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    this is so much bullshit,EVERY dispensery is FOR PROFIT...if you say its not your'e either gullible or a dispensary're no different than my dealer,except you have the balls to charge outragous prices,for your "medicine" dealer calls it "pot"....and he doesn't gouge the life blood out of me when i buy...i just hope the day comes in my lifetime,that its not a crime...and the bottom drops out of your marketing scam...:thumbsup:
  16. AZClones

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    But how can they be "for profit" when they have to be nonprofit organizations?

    Surely- they can't be in it for the money when they're actively searching for "investors," right?

  17. azdesertdweller

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    are you serious???

    ok let's say 1 care giver treats 6 people..they are allowed 5oz a month,your "medicine"is costing 6 people 2500$ a month,totaling 15,000 a month for "originator" of medicine...or 180,000 a year...this is for an "individual" caregiver...
    now lets see,what dispensarys are haulin in...since they have to" supply" themselves,that requires a facility,..INTRUDUCING MASS.production... price drops to a fraction of the original cost...definatly NOT passed on to many people can you cram into a pot store?....lets say 100 a day....each buys just 1 just made 50,000 today,oh and its only monday....multiply this times 7 then 365..........thats about $127,000,000 a year.....and thats just 1 place tell me again how these places are non-profit?
  18. Smallville

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    First off a caregiver is not allowed to charge anything over cost, and labor is not a cost. If you think people are going to buy 5 zips a month each, you are mistaken. Now we are not saying dispensaries are not in it for the money, cuz that would be wrong. They want to make a buck just like the next guy.
  19. nazman

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    What is the average cost to produce an oz. small scale,say 12 plants indoor? outdoor?
  20. azdesertdweller

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    on a production scale can it possibly be more than,20-30 bucks a plant...your producing hundreds of plants/clones a year...caregivers cost will be slightly higher,but an established caregiver,will be cloning his own stock...then what are the costs....fert,water,'re telling me this costs you 3-4 hundred an ounce to produce?...BULLSHIT...if you can show me a caregiver that gives product away at cost,then i would say "real caregiver".........anybody else,ANYBODY ELSE,who does it exclusively (no other job)is a liscensed dealer,plain and simple,(ya do ya fall into that piece of cake??) lets not call these people "healers"or "providers" if they aren't anything more than dealers...and as far as dispensarys go,...yaaa we got them,big deal,i'll never buy there,the point is people...we have got to get this DE-CRIMINALIZED...only then will the bottom drop out of the market,deflating prices,plain economics......what happens when everybody has it,and can get more anywhere?...then i got money that says caregivers and dispensarys will become rare.......ya,its a pipe dream,but so is me payin your weed prices...:thumbsup: call this a rant if you like,i'm just callin it like i see it.....

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