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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by StaSiS88, Jun 8, 2008.

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    Hey all, Im new to the Phoenix area, moved here a few months ago for work. I have been having a hard time finding decent bud, had one good hookup but his guy got busted a few weeks ago and all I got off him at the time was 1/4... I hear AZ is fairly dry in the summer but not sure why. I an just so tired of not having anything...

    So I'm thinking if growing a few plans outside in pots, have a good spot but dont have never grown before although I have done tons of reading on it over the years. So anyone from AZ that knows the climate etc? Is it too hot and dry right now to start plants? Will they ever survive in these 100+ temps and full sunshine? Any tips for growing in this desert? THanks
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    Very hot. Very dry. Generally sparsely populated outside the city limits.

    If my trivia serves me properly, my understanding is that Phoenix get 300+ sunny days a year.

    My suggestion: Kush. It's Afghanistan native, deals with hot weather nicely (obviously), and is pretty tough. Provided you water it regularly, you could get a pretty damned sweet crop.

    Kush is perfect for the AZ climate.

    But you should let other people give their two cents, too.
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    Vcrew is on target.
    Let me add that you will want to think carefully about irrigation. Drip-to-waste in coco is a good way to go. Give a silica supplement. Don't plant near light colored or relfective surfaces. Find a spot that gets shade from about 1-3pm during the hottest part of the day, such as near a tree or large bush. This helps to hide the plants anyway.
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    I live in phoenix and im currently growing right now. The only way for your plants to survive in the heat is to start then growing really early in the year to let them get strong enough roots and a mature stem, or plant them mid summer indoors and move them outside around monsoon season. Growth speeds are greatly reduced in the intense heat, and they dont need to be in direct sunlight except 2-3 hours, the sun will fry any pot plant that has anymore direct light. Absolutely no Indica grows unless indoors through may-august/septemberish months, Sativa grows for best results. Heres a picture of my biggest plant, Shes A hardy ass Mexican Sativa strain, 4 months old.flowering although all pistils get burned(cant wait for cooler weather!) about a meter high, native tilled soil and put alongside a hardy camoflage plant that survives the heat. all partly under a huge sap tree for added shade. only pests that try munch on the plants so far were aphids. I wouldnt recommend pots because they dry out too quick, and missing a watering cycle in pots will almost quarentee your babies death. As for watering, just check the soil everyday and see if its moist down three inches, if not, WATER!

    BTW the stick is support for the branches of the neighboring plant to help with shade. Also even with how much shade she gets during the day, she still has burns. :/

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