growing in coco. How often to feed?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by dynarod, Nov 26, 2010.

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    Hi i've just started my first grow using coco. and you can see from my other thread i'm a little unsure of a few things.
    How often should i feed my plants nutes? my plants are 3 weeks old from seed and i've been feeding everyday with half strength nute..which i think has caused the problems i'm having (overwatered and overferted :( )
    Any advice you have to offer will be brilliant...ta very much in advance.
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    THIS should help.

    IMO you should google the hell outta How to grow cannabis using coco.

    Main way you can help yourself here is to read till your eyes bleed...
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    its is the same as soil, you can mix it up though, but mostly 2 times water 1 time nutes. let us know how it turns out. some people mix coco with hydrotron and they have allot more drainage and they water nutes all the time.
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    Coco is not the same as soil. You need to use nutrients EVERY TIME!!!!!! When you water you need to think about watering the coco rather than the plant. The Coco stores the nutrients until the plant needs to use them. If you water with just water you wash out all of the beneficial bacteria, trichoderma etc and have to add it back in to get the performance out of your coco. Watering depends on the pots you use and the size. I use 5 gallon smart pots and I water every 3 days. This is a hydroponic way of growing so expect to go through water. Also the nutrients you use are important with coco, I wouldn't recommend skimping there. I use the canna coco line and I use the nutrients on the high end of their scale. I haven't been let down yet. You can also reuse your coco if you use cannazyme throughout your grow and add great white for the first few weeks of veg. ;)
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  5. PhatJay

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    I already gave you my opinion on how much to water and how often on your other thread. It's good to get a range of opinions though and Jords opinion seems to line up with mine quite nicely.
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    im not exactly sure how high end nutrients work differently then say low end nutes but whatever. In general coco is like soil in terms of watering after that it's way different then soil. There are many ways to water coco but I would suggest drip lines of some sort. Up to you if you want to recirculate the water or drip to waste. I recirculate without problems. I would suggest you poor fine childrens play sand over the top inch or so of your coco and water through that to the coco about every 3 days. I use 5 gallon bucket res with a simple pump connected to series of water lines laying across the tops of the pots. Easy peasy. I keep my ppm's at around 2k for flowering but I ease my way up to that over a couple weeks from a ppm of 800 during veg. GH maxi series dry powder contains ph buffers and cal/mag and runs cheap cheap. Dont be fooled I tells ya! Oh and one more thing...I would not suggest you plan on reusing coco. If your root mass turns out anything like mine, I dont see how you would want to bother. GH coco is like 10 bucks for a compressed brick the size of my chest. That's about 10 gallons of coco. Play sand runs about 5 bucks for 10 pounds.
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    I am able to re-use because I use cannazyme. Cannazyme eats down dead root matter and I actually find my ladies actually respond very well to this. I don't use the cogr bricks though....that could be a different story. I just use the ground up coco. As far as my nutrients I use, they may be pricy, and there may be cheaper equivalent nutes, but the saying I live by goes if you do what you've always done, your always going to get the same results and I have no complaints about my results ;)

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