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Discussion in 'Southern California' started by middieman440, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. middieman440

    middieman440 Registered+

    hey guys when i get my card and everything i should be legal to grow but they a=have like assoication ppl who come by and check stuff what do i do

    do i have the right to grow it or do they have laws against it in some places
  2. Jollyrancher

    Jollyrancher Registered+

    You have a right, but that doesn't mean squat if someone wants to make trouble for ya.

    If you rent or own your place, they cannot enter without permission.

    Keep it on the QT and if you get noticed, then you show your permit.
  3. middieman440

    middieman440 Registered+

    it would only be a 1-2 small plants nothing major,probable when i get my paperwork i might just grow out a clone and get at least an ounce an ounc last me about 5 months lol
  4. Nancy007

    Nancy007 Registered+

    HOA's are a pain in the ass. My experience is, they are known for peaking over fences when they know you're not home, even though they are not supposed to. Jollyrancher is right though. Try to make is as inconspicuous as possible.
  5. Jollyrancher

    Jollyrancher Registered+

    I live in a mondo condo and have been growing for over three years, but indoors.

    I wouldn't grow outdoors.
  6. GetThisOrDie

    GetThisOrDie Registered+

    The HOA woman here is ALWAYS peeking over fences. Had to terminate some outdoor plants after I noticed her activity. :(
  7. middieman440

    middieman440 Registered+

    well the move in went good furniture is all here but,within the move there was one box missing,that contained pot's, lights' and nutes,hmmm made me very mad,but all in all every thing went good.

    but as to growing i went to home cheapo got some tamater and pepper plant's because i need to grow something lol...and after i did all this i got the balls up to germ one seedsman ww fem seed,and will be growing it out in a 3 gallon containor along with the tomatoes.

    i dont have my card yet so this is being done as small as possible,you cant see whats in my balcony from the ground and im always going to be home for the most part "no job yet"..please dont bash me for growing without the card everyone did it at some point without it..

    so hopefully everything goes well,the seed should be popped open tomorrow, its splitting now.i should be getting my card soon as my med records get here and i save up the 200 bucks thats needed, prob middle of july

    when do those camp choppers fly around and what part of ca are they usually at..
  8. Nancy007

    Nancy007 Registered+

    Dude, it's not gonna cost $200.00 for a card. $150.00 at most, and I've seen as low as $50.00.

    Don't worry about the choppers. They're looking for large scale guerrilla farms, not a balcony plant. ;)
  9. middieman440

    middieman440 Registered+

    ok sounds good...
  10. redkittychoctaw

    redkittychoctaw Registered

    i live in Bakersfield, it only cost my hubby $60 for card and $40 to renew every year after

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