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Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by johnnyAKABob, Nov 18, 2006.

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    i read in another thread that you can legaly grow 5 plants. is this with or without a licence?? what about growers that supply coffee shops?? someone help out a stoner and his curiousity???
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    So-called coffee shops are allowed to sell soft drugs openly to customers above 18 years,[3] and to keep supplies greater than the amounts allowed by law for personal use, though they are only allowed to sell individual customers the amount allowed for personal use. The coffeeshops' wholesale suppliers, however, are still criminalized. In theory, the limit of the "for personal use" clause is 5 cannabis plants per person for growing, or possession of 5 grams of hashish or marijuana per household. However, to be prosecuted one would need to possess considerably higher quantities than that. An example of a sentence in 2004 for possession of 360 grams: confiscation and a fine of €750. Coffeeshops pay taxes just like any other business, though there are some special exemptions for them, mostly because they cannot show receipts for their supply of marijuana.

    i got that from wikipedia
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    the bit were it says, possession of 360 grams: confiscation and 750 euros fine, that shows you exactly how leniant these great dutchman are, if only england was like that, in england about a 1/4 ounce could be fined 200 euros in comparison to 750 euros for 360 grams thats what ive heard anyways, i dont really get caught with the bhudda so i dont really know

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