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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by TokinSurfer, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. TokinSurfer

    TokinSurfer Registered+

    since there is more dark in winter does that mean that mull plants will flower alot earlier, just like a auto-flowering strain?
  2. AussieGWRER

    AussieGWRER Registered+

    My have, I got 2 more in pots afta last harvest to try n get sum more weed :jointsmile:
    they are really small tho like 6 inchs i guess ill take a photo n post when i find me camera:thumbsup:
  3. guerillagrowerz

    guerillagrowerz Registered+

    actually if you have a ruderalis strain, it just flowers at a certain age regardless of the photoperiod.
  4. AussieGWRER

    AussieGWRER Registered+

    Well yes they flower early 2 bag seeds agin ones 5-6 inches n orther 7-8 both females n flowering....
  5. TokinSurfer

    TokinSurfer Registered+

    thats exellent news for me, thanks. I need them to be small due to the height of a tomato plant...
  6. BlackBerry

    BlackBerry Registered+

    what im glad i dont rely on u idiots to grow me pot buy n read a Cannabis grow book it will explain photoperiodism better
  7. AussieGWRER

    AussieGWRER Registered+

    ^ Fuck off Cocksucker where in australia not america
    can practically grow all yr round where i live so............................ shut the fuck up we know how to grow pot.:mad:
  8. TokinSurfer

    TokinSurfer Registered+

    hahaha burn, yeah get your facts write before you post something.. All year growing weather but I guess they just flower early

    I would check aussie growers plants before you critizise his plants:wtf:

    thanks aussie grwer for you help:thumbsup:
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  9. AussieGWRER

    AussieGWRER Registered+

    Hey found my camera lol
    didnt check on them from when they showed preflower till now n im gonna keep one of them :thumbsup:
    other one looks pretty shitty but :jointsmile:

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  10. TokinSurfer

    TokinSurfer Registered+

    ahahha thats awsome

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