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Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by Anonymouse, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Anonymouse

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    Is anyone growing what they'd consider to be medical grade marijuana? I have had this goal in mind but between conditions and a steep learning curve I wonder if the cannabis I produce is going to be very good. I am using Natural and Organic nutrients and keep my garden room spotless but this seems very challenging.

    Budget wise, it's been a bit taxing for me as it's become obvious to me that cutting corners is not the way to go for medical grade.

    Any thoughts or tips would be welcome, my garden is making me very nervous these days as a couple of my plants are a few weeks into flower.

    I vegged this plant 26 days to 12" and it's been in my tent for just over 4 weeks, stretched out to 31":


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  2. deserthealer

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    It sure looks good, mouse...

    You know, the saying goes: "One man's medicine is another man's poison." So I gotta ask you: define medicinal grade? Forgive me, but another cliche comes to mind... the proof is in the pudding.

    If it works for you, it's grade.
    Man, it sure looks good.....
  3. chief801

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    I'm no expert but the crystals are lookin great, bet it smells good too.
  4. Anonymouse

    Anonymouse Registered+

    Well a more common term for it would be: chronic

    But more than that, clean medicine comes to mind too. I see a lot of grows online and some of the fancier setups look like they produce quality medicine, I have also seen a lot of crappy stuff, moldy stuff, people complain it tastes bad etc...

    I can get good chronic and have been while gardening, but I wonder if I have the ability to produce 'medical' quality in my environment.

    I never grew anything in my whole life before starting this garden and most of the time it's been great, but I'm getting very nervous about it.

    Everything's decent except for temps, I cannot get them below 82 and it hovers around 85-87 under the Hortilux most of the time and I have to think medical producers have better environments, but its the best I can do short putting a portable A/C in there and I just don't want to think about that.

    Funny thing is, Ive done most of my gardening on Chemo, which is sort of like living in Auto-pilot. Now that I'm off it, my mind's racing about 1,000,001 things about it.

  5. Totah Sam

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    You don't need a portable AC just get a couple of cheap fans. Put one in the top of the tent and the other(s) down with the plants. Not only does this decrease the temperature but it creates air flow that will strengthen the stems on your plants as they grow. I don't use expensive organic nutrients. I've used miracle grow 30-10-10 and have had great results. The main problem with potency in a plant is the harvesting date. Harvesting too early can effect the potency of your buds. I found that out the hard way.

    I grew a sativa that was one of the best I've ever had just by using miracle grow for veg and a cheap tomato flowering fertilizer for the flowering stage. That plant almost took over my entire closet and the buds were huge. I had to tie them up to keep them from breaking the stems and collapsing.

    As long as your PH is between 6.3 and 6.7, you have the proper ratio for nutrients, a constant reliable light cycle, and a good grow medium, you shouldn't have any problems.
  6. coolslayer

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    Not a thing that I can see wrong with that. Have you started feeding them molasses and flowering nutes yet?


    You might consider getting a scope so that you can view the trichomes under magnification to know exactly when your buds are ready to harvest.

    Honestly, I think you are worried needlessly.....but I understand the feeling after the care and effort that you have obviously put in.
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  7. Anonymouse

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    Oh yeah, I'm feeding them Bloom nutes and have an additive I'm going to use on the next res change. I have not looked into Molasses

    I am running a buttload of fans in the room now with and air circulator on my A/C vent, it helps a little. What helps most is keeping the door to the room open. The 600w lamp is much hotter than the 400

    Anyways, thanks I know I'm being a bit neurotic about the garden, the 'medical' gardens I've seen on youtube and stuff are very fancy and roomy and make mine appear a little unsophisticated, but cannabis is strong and seems to adapt well in my room.

    I suppose I'm looking at it a bit like a home brewer, I don't want gross beer with stuff floating in it that would turn Montezuma's stomach. If my meds aren't any good, I'll freak :)
  8. Totah Sam

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    Make sure it's blackstrap unsulphured molasses. This kind has a lot of nutrients that your plant loves. Plus, as I stated earlier, it bulks up your blooms.
  9. coolslayer

    coolslayer Banned

    TS is correct,thanks for the assist, I should have remembered the blackstrap unsulphured molasses part.

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