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    I have some bag seeds from some midgrade bud. If i take care of my plants and give them enough sunlight, water, the works will it turn out like the original or is it possible itll be alot better? i dont think the growers where i live are very knowledable on sexing, knowing when to harvest, and curing. i hope they will turn out good but i dont want to take all the risks unless i can get decent bud. i dont have a credit card so i cant order seeds from the net an dont wanna send money in the mail.

    anyway thanks for any responses
    The Timid Goat
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    When i started growing for the first time i grew with this kind of seeds. If you use the brown ones (ripe ones) they are the best. this is a list of tips if you want to know more about growing: its all the basics but its waht you need to grow a good potent grow.

    -try to find a simple shop light (fluorecent ballast) about 48" long (24" is a bit small but you can have good results) , in it put 2 fluorecent tubes labeled "daylight". If you dont find any dont panic, you can also search for cool white, they are cheaper but do the same job. 80 watts for growing is maybe the minimum for a good grow
    -Buy black soil. If there is tropical plant soil take it, this is the one i use and its very good. If you dont find tropical soil just use garden soil, dont complicate yourself with magic grow soil or anithing like that use ordinary soil
    -Use the biggest pot, about 8 to 10" deep and 10" wide. If you give the plant enought water she should not die.( people say about root strangling but i had a friend that had 2 plants in a 3x4" pot and they grew 5'7" hight :)
    -When you water the plant dont flood it, just poor enought water to put the soil moist. In that way you should avoid drowning of the plant.
    -Dont complicate yourself with fertilising. Because if you use not enought your plant does nothing and too much your plant dies. Wait until you get more experienced and then star fert your plant (you can also read about ferts, this is the best way to learn)
    -This is something that works: 1rst growers are always near their plant. Well Ms mary-jeane doesnt like that. Let her alone, dont toutch it eather (unless you what to harvest it ;)
    - Never water more that one time per day
    -Put a timer on the fluos so you will have a regular photoperiod
    -when you whant the plant to bud, set the timer on 12/12: 12 hours of light and 12 hours of night. This will force the plant to bud.
    -use a litle fan to keep the air moving so your plant will have enought fresh air
    -You can cover the walls of the grow room with aluminium foil so the light will be reflected on the plant (the more light she get the better she is) you can use emergency thermal blankets
    -keep the fluos about 2" from the top of the plant
    -Use a pot deaper that 10cm. This is why: when the plant starts growing, she starts to grow a root that goes 10 cm deep in the soil. If you have a small pot lees than 10 cm deep, the plant wont grow at full potency. So use a 15 to 20 cm pot in hight and about 15 to 20 cm wide this should be just enought to grow a healthy plant. If you give enought water to the plant she should grow about 5 feet tall or higher
    -Use a well drained soil. You can mix 50% vermiculite whith 50% pearlite and some sphagnum moss. But you can use just ordinary dirt, i use tropical plant dirt and it works just fine for me (it contains a lot of nutrients, mineral salts etc)
    -For the harvest there something: when the buds are starting, watch closely the trichomes (you will recognize them by their mushroom like form, its a tiny filament with a drop of resin on top of it. You can see it with a 30x magnafying glass.) They will indicae when to harvest. How? well when they are clear the plant is not ready, and when they are milky the plant is ready. But you can wait until they are 30% amber and 70% milky, so you can harvest at diffrent times to have diffrent results.
    -When you harvest some buds, hang them upside down in a dark place (light degrades THC in the resin) Let them dy for about 2 to 3 days. To see if they are corecly dry, just bend the branch that comes out of the bud, if it just bends, let it dry a litle longer, if it snaps its ready
    -To store your harvest just use a Mason jar. Just gently press the buds in it and let the pot in a cool dark place (the temperature is not a priority). If you are patien and like good tasting buds and add more potency you will be glad to store them. Buds is like a good wine: the longer you store it, the better it tastes.
    To determine the sex of the plant you must be patient. When your plant haves a photoperiod of 12 hours of light and night after 2 to 3 weeks (it depends on the strain of the plant some plants bud early and some late). Then after this time you should see at the steem of the plant some litle "balls" appearing. When the "balls" haves 2 white strings coming out of it its a FEMALE. But if the "balls" doesn't have strings coming out or if its opens upside down and looks like an umbrella its a male. But be careful: if you have a male that spills its pollen and there is a female that is mature you can have seeds (if you would like to have seeds its ok but if you want to do something els white the plant :) then you should remove the male froem the grow room or just kill it).

    This is a short description of the fluos

    -Wide spectrum is a SUPPLY of light and not a growing fluo (you dont need this to start your plants, if you want some new fluos in the grow room or more fluos, they can help, but its not the best

    -Cool spectrum: I makes a nice green foliage, very good for vegetative stage, they are great for growing you sprouts and they stimulates your plant to make more side branches

    -Warm spectrum: they will make very thik steams and braches, makes your plant much more solid and they will make more bigger buds to your plants, they oare better for Flowering stage.

    I hope this will help see ya and good growing ;)

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