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Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by DaDuck, Mar 27, 2010.

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    I am almost done with my first grow. I have four white widow plants (down to three now). They were in a grow tent that was about five feet tall, but they got too tall for it so I had to take them out of it a few weeks into flowering. I was growing them during the veg period with an HPS light which I heard makes them taller, but I don't know how much of a difference that actually makes.
    The reason this is all relevant is because I want to grow a sativa for my next grow, but I'm afraid the plants are going to get too big for my closet. Since this is my first grow I don't have much to go off of. The site I bought my white widow seeds from said they got around 40-50cm tall. The plants ended up being about 5ft tall. The other seeds I'm looking at getting from this site say they can get like 80-100cm tall. I don't know the metric system, but that's fucking big. If I go off of what these white widow plants did then in theory these sativas would be like ten feet tall. That dog just ain't gonna hunt. I don't need a tree farm in my closet. I live in an apartment so that would be a bit of a problem.
    My question is for the people that have grown sativa varieties indoors. Do they really get that tall? I plan on growing them under continous light for about 3 weeks and then switching them over to 12/12, so would that help to keep them quite a bit smaller? Here is the link to the seeds I was looking at. Any opinions and information on the subject would be appreciated. here is a link to the seeds...
    Buy Light of Jah feminized marijuana cannabis seeds from Holland.
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    Light of Jah
    Quantity : 10 seeds
    Type : Mostly sativa
    Climate : indoor / outdoor
    Yield : 750 gr/m2 indoor
    Height : 100 cm
    Flowering period : 10 - 13 weeks
    Harvest : end of September
    Stoned or High : Sativa high - Cereberal buzz
    THC level : 19% - 22%
    Grow Difficulty : moderate - expert

    Sativa's can be tricky indoors, which is why Light of Jah is listed as a plant for those with moderate to extensive experience.
    Yes, sativa's can get tall. In a height-limited space, topping and training will likely be necessary. I'd search on-site for low stress twisty tie training if you insist.
    Low light can add to stretch. And yes, an HID makes a shitload of difference. The lumnens available to the plant astronimically outdistance and outperform CFL's, fluorescents, and in my opinion...LED's. With HID's though, it requires more space between the plant tops and the light fixture, (heat) so you lose available headroom. This can suck during flower if you run out of space before she's done with her stretch, or before she's ready for harvest.

    Likely best to find a (cheap) sativa dominate that's listed for less-experienced gardeners and practice first.
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    and 1 thing to add would be using something like Bushmaster to control the stretch...when applied properly it can really help in controlling how tall your plant will get...usually about 3-5mil/gallon applied at the very beginning days of flower will keep it shorter and the stretch will be about a 1/3 of what it would be without using it!:thumbsup:
  4. Rusty Trichome

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    Would love to try the Bushmaster, but it's so damn expensive. Does it stress the ladies or stunt leaf/branch size? (does it affect yield or bulking?)

    I was just gifted some Ducksfoot x Maui beans, (heavily sativa - usually an outdoor strain) and even though my flower room has 9 foot ceiling, stretch might still be a problem.
    Likely I'll just go at it old-school. Chop-n-form. (trim-n-train)

    How's the Orient treating ya, Stra8...? Ready to come home yet?
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    things are going great Rusty...thanks for asking!..i am glad i'm only booked for 24 days this time...30 days is a tad long to be away from home like my first trip here:jointsmile:

    the bushmaster is expensive if you buy a large bottle but i saw HID Hut had a 4oz bottle for $19.50 and you only use it for one it does last!

    it will increase yield stacking the nodes tighter and gettting the girls into a faster flower mode...with a soil medium apply on the first day of flower and you will notice about only a 1/3 of the stretch. martyprojekt has a good write up of his experience trying it out in his recent blue dream grow! :thumbsup:
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    Yeah I already have HID lights. I have a 150w HPS and a 400w MH. I didn't get the MH until recently so when I started my current grow I was only using the 150w HPS. I am sure that contributed to these plants being so tall.

    I'll definitely try bushmaster. That sounds great. Even if I'm growing a smaller indica it would still be nice to keep the plants short and stout.

    Well I'm still pretty torn. I know the grow difficulty is somewhat high with the light of jah, but I wanted a high yeilding sativa and that fit the bill. I'll start searching again and try to find something else that might work. I'm open to an indica dominant strain too. I just don't want a mix again since that's what I just got done growing. I'd prefer a sativa this time, but I planned on trying an indica after that so it wouldn't be any big deal to reverse the order and try an indica now. If anybody has any ideas on a good strain for a high yeild indoor grow let me know. I'm open to ideas. I wish I could just grow twenty different plants, but it's a felony in Kansas to grow five or more plants so I have to keep it down to four, especially since I live in an apartment. If I had a house I might get a little more bold and increase the size of my garden.

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