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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by AnarchyPenguin, Jul 6, 2005.

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    I'm very new to gorwing, i have a friend that grows alot of weed, and turned e onto this site.I know a little bit about growing, but not a whole lot. I have found MANY methods online for growing small amounts of weed fast, which is what i am interested in. I don't want to get into growing alot fo weed and stuff, i just want to experiemtn a little. so a couple of questions come to mind
    1)How early do plants start producing?
    2) what would be the best kind?
    I Have grown other plants with willow water, and am interested in trying that also.I really just want some basic knowledge if anyone could help me out on here, or email me at
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    The best way to grow a lot of weed fast is called the Sea of Green method. Basicly, you plant lots of seeds indoors and when they are 6 to 8 inches tall, you start the flower cycle or the 12/12 light cycle. This way, by time they mature, they are only about 2 to 3 feet high and since you plant a lot, you get a better yield.
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    Ok, well what do i put the lights on to begin with? Also is there any particular kind that would work best for this method, i have 7 northern light seeds righ now, would they do well?
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    also, i'm probobly going to be growing them in my coset, it's pretty big, and has 2 doors, so space is not an option, but What about smell, there are people in here all the time, I live out in the country, so if i wanted to i could grow it outside, but i want to try this sea of green method, or one similar. Would The smell leak through, or should i look at growing outside? the temprature here often gets to 100degrees, so it's pretty damn hot.
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    if indoors veg for 4 weeks than flower for 8 weeks depending on strain. check with a loop to see when there done usually when trichs are cloudy
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    with sea of green you want to flower lots of clones. if you flower clones you dont have to veg them like you would seedlings . but you will still have to grow the mothers
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    yeah, and that would be a bitch. but i don't want to grow a lot. hence the name "small amounts"i just want to experient with like a couple.

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