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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by Specialist, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Specialist

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    Can anybody post some info on how to grow without flushing the reservoir very week? I use advanced nutes and the stuff is getting pricey.
  2. Daddynobucks

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    weekly flusing

    is not needed. just a drain and nuit. change out every 2-3 weeks works for me.I just top off with plain h2o three times and once with a CaMg during a week. I use GH 3 part,and General Organics CaMg+, which is carbonates not nitrates.does a better job of Ph stabilization and doesn't add more Nitrogen.
    CaMg cause the Ph to initially drop but within hours its headed back up ands needs adjusted down a little,but don't get in a hurry.

    All this is in the flower cycle,as the grow is totally automated and gets kept at an EC of 0.65 or 600ppm

    I know BIG MIKE has the best hype on his nuits. but they are way over priced.

    hope this makes sence
  3. tinytoon

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    Big D how big is your rez??
  4. drudown11

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    thanks for the info daddy. I have cal mag+ but if i use it in flower it makes my buds foxtail because of excess nitrogen. You just answered my prayers.:thumbsup:D

    I use house and garden nutrients and add all sorts of beneficial bacteria. I change the res once every two weeks otherwise Im throwing away bacteria that i payed good $$ for. Top off with plain water everyday(if needed), and check your PH to make sure that the nutrients are still available to the plant. After a week of adding plaint water i totally refill the res with an equal mixture of Ph'd Nutrient solution.
  5. Daddynobucks

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    40 gal Panda for 6 plants in 5 gal buckets. I find more roots means bigger yield, but that takes a longer veg. time so, I guess its 6 of 1 or 1/2 doz. of another. this is the flower cycle.

    I use 20 gal Rez. for the veg. cycle

  6. Daddynobucks

    Daddynobucks Registered+

    I should

    clarifie something in my earler post about 0.65 EC is about 460 ppm. 600 ppm being the upper limit.

    I find more is NOT always better, when it comes to somethings

  7. Prodaytrader

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    If your taking care of your water right, some growers argue to change the water only once a cycle. I change my water about once a month, if that. The color is usually just as clear as day one. The only reason I even bother changing the water any more is because the salts will build up after a while and make it impossible to get the water adjusted.

    The GH Maxi powders are hands down the hydro growers best friend. DONT BE A VICTIM TO THE HYPE. Nutrients are nutrients bro, copper is copper and will always be Cu on the elemental charts. The great thing about GH Maxi series is that they have a ph buffer already mixed in and it contains a fair amount of cal/mag supplement which means you DONT need a separate bottle of cal/mag costing you 40 bucks a bottle when you use this product line. Plus the bag is like 15 bucks for a pound of it!

    This "nutrient" hype is also happening in the whole foods market concerning human consumption. You think your body can tell the difference between zinc brand A and zinc brand B? Zinc is Zinc and all plants and animals know instinctively what to do with it.
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  8. Daddynobucks

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    Hey Prodaytrader

    I sure will give the Maxi series a try this next grow,always into easier and one container mixing sounds like a work/time saver. you are right Cu is Cu. and hype is just hype.
    A buffered solution should be a lot stabiler over time.:thumbsup:

    No one has answered my ques. on another thread about the flavor of everyones WW,someone please comment.

  9. Specialist

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    I use a 100L reservoir for a 4x4 space of plants. when I mean flushing, i dont mean flushing the plants. I want to know how to keep the same reservoir water throughout the whole flower cycle by just topping the nutes off. I think martyrproject did it in "my biggest grow yet".

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