growing without fertilizer?

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by killrandydead, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. killrandydead

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    do i really need to use fertilizer?
    most people will respond with, "yes, of course"

    but let me continue

    ive been growing my plants for a while now. all i do is just water and that is it.
    started two of then outside then brought them in and grew three more.
    one clone, and two others.
    they all look really healthy, been growing bushy and i see no problems.

    i want to know if i really need to use fertilizer if they are growing fine without the use of any?

    if you want pictures ill gladly post some
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  2. Jord0713

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    you can grow without yes, but you won't unlock the maximum potential the plants have without.
  3. tevfik

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    If you do the other things correctly you can grow fine and healthy without fertilizers.
    Effects can be from so so to good in a scale from too bad to super duper. Depends on your soil mix, grow conditions and your expectation.
  4. killrandydead

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    i was reading and came across something about using certain fruits as fertilizer or as plant food and it will give the plants a fruity odor or taste? is this true?

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