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Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by evertking, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. evertking

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    When i feed my plants during flowering i always give them 2 tbls of dry super tea and 2 tbls of budswell in a 1 gallon jug every other watering. And i was thinking of adding some Indonesian bat guano in there as well (0-13-0)... do you think this would harm my plants???
  2. stinkyattic

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    It depends... what else are you feeding? Careful not to burn them!
  3. evertking

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    when im not given the the feeding im talking about they are feed top max and sub culture(microorganisms) and molasses... the plants are planted in pro-mix with some rare earth(silicon) and plant success (mycorrhizal fungi).
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  4. stinkyattic

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    I'm having trouble understanding you... but... topmax, subculture, molasses, Si, and mycorhizzals are NOT plant food. They are supplements and won't do much if you aren't feeding a real NPK fertilizer with micronutes. Forexample, the soil fungi by themselves don't help your plant; they can't break compost nutrients into more usable forms if you aren't giving compost or organics to break down, get it? Topmax has valuable humic acids like you would find in a good leaf compost, and the function of those is a chelating agent for nutrient molecules, so they can be absorbed efficiently by the plnats and not recombine in the soil into unusable salts... but if there are no nutrients, again, why bother spending $25 a quart for the stuff?
    Since you're going organic it's harder but you are going to need to use a combination of your guanos (I would not use the 0-13-0, there are more balanced ones out there!), fish emulsions, blood and bone meals, and compost, or invest in a high quality cannabis specific liquid organic.
  5. evertking

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    so budswell and super-tea would not contain micronutes?
  6. stinkyattic

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    Well you really need to read the labels, secondary or micro nutes would be things like Mg, Mn, B, Zn, Cu, Fe, etc.
    What is this super-tea?
    is it meant to be a stand alone fert or a supplement?
    Who makes it?
    Info plz.

    Edit I just looked them up and don't see any info listed as to the micronute contents. SuperTea looks like a veg nute but not quite the ratios you would want... you need more potassium than it provides. And I would also kick the N number up by using it in conjunction with a fish fert.

    Have you looked into the pure blend pro line from botanicare?
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  7. evertking

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    super tea is a high nitrogen mexican bat guano with worm castings,sea bird guano and soluble sea weed (5-5-1) and i use it with the budswell(guano) that is (0-7-0) during flowering, and i was going to add some high phosphorus guano to the mix (0-13-0) as well but worried i would burn my plants by bumping up the phosphorus. ....... thanks ...... what could i use to get more potassium?
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  8. growinforthefuture

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    potash maybe? i realy don't lkmnow althouugh ifi you look it up...
  9. BlueDevil

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    I'm no where near the level of expertise of stinky and others, but I'm confident in saying that going by what you've posted I think you need some Jamaican bat guano (made by Sunleaves) and some greensand (available from Espoma).

    I don't think the greensand dissolves well enough to be added to water for use, it's more for mixing in with soil when transplanting and for top dressing. Just make sure you don't top dress too late in bloom, as you want a lot of that stuff on the way out by then. Chunky bits of bat poop and sand take longer to flush through your medium than pre-dissolved nutes delivered in water.

    my $0.02... ;)
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  10. medicinalpurpose

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    did you ever find a schedule for budswell and supertea? i am using it too and about the 4th week of flowering the leaves yellow and tips of get burned. i am using 1 tablespoon of both supertea and budswell to a gallon of water.
  11. texas grass

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    i dont know their feeding schedule but i would think of only using no more than 1 tablespoon per gallon, so when brewing up 5 gallons use 4-5tablespoons. arnt the supertea and budswell the same thing, just 1 is dry and the other is liquid
  12. evertking

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    Budswell is High P .. Both can come in liquid or dry.

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