Guerilla grow without water?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by BigBlock, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. BigBlock

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    I'm thinking I'd really like to do a guerilla grow this summer. There are some abandoned and remote logging areas about 40 miles from me, where the trees have been thinned quite a bit giving lots of sun.

    The big problem is water. There isn't any up there. It's quite a long drive up there since most of the trip is down unkept dirt roads, so there's no way I could go up there all the time to water it.

    Any advice here? I mean, I could use lots of those crystals that absorb water, and soak the area really well when I plant it. Is there any chance it would survive? All the other plants in the forest don't die in the summer, but then they have more established root systems...
  2. karmaxul

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    I would put a biodegradable tarp under them and use water crystals. To many water crystals can uproot the plant so test your mix out first.
  3. Farmer Dylan

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    use a drip system man, i live in a cat in my knee
  4. karmaxul

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    How would you set up a drip system outside?
  5. mountainman

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    Well, does it rain there? I would recommend using a strain that thrives in dry areas. Then just go up every once in a while to fertilize and check up on the girls.
  6. Farmer Dylan

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    wick systems are used outside all the time man
  7. Farmer Dylan

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    and, i live in a cat in my knee
  8. partypooper

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    guirilla with no water

    this is how i wanne do it,
    get the plant in a pot with good soil, place that in a much bigger bucket, fill the base of the bucket with the waterabsorbant polimer crystals, (buy in garndencentra, get the plain once in big amounts, lots cheaper, u can also buy babydipers, they are filled with them) then fill the bucket with water till top, if the amount of crystals to water is correct the water will turn into a stiff yelly, close the airspace between the bucket and the pot so water doesnt evaporate.
    i wont advice to put food in the water u use for the crystals, if this needs to hold a month the food will turn bad and kill your plant, better if u plan to water 1's a month to get enough food to feed the plant 1 week, fill up from the base of the plant, the rest not consumed will go to the bottemcrystals, then fill the bucket with clean water. have a long enough stick sticking out with something round on top, put a mosquitonet around it(paint the net with spray matching colours of location).

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