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    Cannabis guerrilla grow guide

    This guide is purely for entertainment purposes. Growing cannabis is illegal in most countries and I advise you not to break the law.

    This is by no means an exhaustive guide to guerilla growing and most of it is common sense but I thought I could put together some information from my own experiences that may help others grow weed outdoors without anyone finding it!

    Guerilla growing is all about farming away from, or in a remote area of your property where you think it is unlikely other people will stumble across your crop. This could be a public area that is hard to access or private land that is seldom used or is far out of the way.

    Try to grow your crop off of your property, perhaps on adjacent land so that as long as you leave no physical evidence and you have not been witnessed the plants cannot be traced back to you and you cannot be prosecuted.

    Always deny that you have had anything to do with the plants and that you were just passing though the area. It may be a good idea to carry a pair of binoculars or a bird book and make out you are bird spotting - always make sure you have a good story for why you are in the area!. Don't tell anybody about your plants if you can avoid it as the fewer people that know about them the better. The only time you might want to show them to friends is when they are ready to harvest as they may be able to help you get them out of the ground more quickly.

    Choose your growing location carefully. Make sure the plants are out of site and are away from any obvious tracks or paths. Get to you plantation via a different route on each visit so as to avoid tramping down a path and make sure no one sees you walk to your growing area.

    Try to plant next to trees or bushes, amongst clumps of nettles or inside an area of brambles if possible and only plant a few plants near one another. Top the plants and train them to stay low by tying the tops to the ground. This will stop the plants growing into the classic cannabis plant shape which is much more obvious to a passer-by. Topping the plants and tying them down should make them bushier and help increase the yield so there is a double benefit to making the effort here. When working with the plants use surgical gloves which can be disposed of so that no finger prints are left and also make sure you cover your tracks. Some say you should even dispose of your shoes after a visit but this may not be sensible.

    Your crop may come under attack from the likes of rabbits, rats and deer so you may want to consider making a fence of some sort around your plants. Chicken wire or mesh is good for this sort of thing - you can stretch is between trees or use garden canes to create a protective barrier around your weed. However this will also make your grow area more obvious to anyone snooping around so it is a choice you must carefully consider. Another deterrent that is less visible is the use of fishing line tied at various heights around your plants between trees or canes. This will stop deer but will have no effect on rabbits. Some people suggest the use of poisoned grain but I cannot see it being a worthwhile enterprise as the rodents may prefer to eat the plants over the poison anyway and all you have done is made you grow area more obvious by laying traps.

    Water is another major concern for the outdoor grower so try and pick an area with a natural water source so that in times of drought it is easy to water your plants. If you do have to bring water into your secret garden from the outside world just find the biggest water bottle you can and put it in a backpack. This way if you get caught you can say you are a hiker and you need a lot of water to drink.

    Most people will start their outdoor growing adventure with small plants that have been started indoors. This may allow you to 'sex' the plants so that you waste no time looking after males. I read somewhere that a good way to transport these seedlings is to put them in 3 inch rock wool cubes in a closed box. These can then be quickly planted straight into the soil when you get to the grow area - it is a good idea to get the area totally prepared before any plants arrive, i.e dig some holes, add some potting compost, get any fences up etc. If you are caught with the box en route say you are going to bury a cat or something - hopefully no further questions will be asked.

    If this all goes to plan for you, come the end of the summer you will have a massive crop of cannabis grown in the wild without all the paranoia of indoor growing - Just be careful!

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    nice 1 burnie, im going to do an out door grow this summer have some top 44, and going to try some jock horror dont know if they will like the climate but ill give em a chance, going to buy some bc sweet tooth aswell, going to start indoors for 3-4 weeks and then plant outdoors at the end of may when we get the sunny spell, another thing about growing dont plant ur plants in rows that look suspicious from the air, make them look natural, they prob dont look out 2 much for growing weeed in eire but ud never know :thumbsup: lets hope for a sunny 1

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