Guide To Killing Mites.

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    Here is a very simple and effective way to kill mights.
    Ive done this a couple times and its worked.

    This is for all people who grow indoors:

    If you notice little spider mights, My first guess is your freaking out.
    So you log on here and ask... " How do I kill these mights" Well this is for you then.

    First transplant your bean, In to a differnt pot, Of course you will probly still have the infected soil, Cause my guess is your asking how to kill them because you don't want to buy new soil.

    So with that being said, You have it transplated.

    Now secondly, Take all your infected might soil. Put it all in a trash bag or other similar means. Wash it very well with extremely hot water.
    Take a milk jug, Fill it with 1 part triple anti bacterial soap to every 20 parts water. * Ruffly 2 Table Spoons per 3 gallons of water used*

    Rinse It very good till all soap is gone.
    A good way to drain it, Is to take and puncture needle holes in the bag, Or other means you used. It will take a long time to drain probly a couple hours.
    * Note I recomened doing this outside, Or in the bath tub.

    Then You take all your soil, Let it dry out very good...

    If you have a space freezer you don't use, That will work perfect.
    Put it all in to a couple baggs, Puncture a couple holes in it, Let the bags sit there for a couple days so It freezes very good.

    Take it all out, Rinse again with streaming hot water, Dry once again.
    *Now you have killed all mites + eggs, And rinsed them away.

    *Now take the plant thats transplanted with the infected soil, Dig up the plant very slowly not to ripp any roots, * Take a wash cloth with nice warm water and lightly rinse off the leafs and stalk * Oh and ditch the infected soil.

    Check to see if theres not any mites on the plant its self before you transplant it again.

    If there isnt any your good to transplant it, With the new mite free soil.

    I hope this guide has helped anyone, It made me very frustrated. Till I took it apon my own actions to exterminate them little things.
    I know this sounds crazy, But it works.

    Well cheers.


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