gummy bears

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  1. dankus maximus

    dankus maximus Registered+

    sttin here real baked eating gummy bears....i love them...

    ...but do i love them out of some masochistic enjoyment? or cause theyre chewy sugary and oh so much fun?

    anyone elkse liek gummy shit when they burn?
  2. ATrain

    ATrain Registered+

    FOR SURE! Gummy bears and worms do me just right :Rasta: :Rasta: :Rasta:

    Nice thread :)
  3. Greenport

    Greenport Registered+

    yo uhm...I love gummy bears.. I go to wal mart and pick me up like the 5 lbs bags of em. thats some good eating. and to Atrain Slater says man more than I do.
  4. 187

    187 Registered+

    shit thanks for reminding me im gunna go get some now
  5. Fengzi

    Fengzi Registered+

    I usually hate gummy bears but the other night I was high and had the munchies. Looking around the kitchen I saw my daughter's gummy bear vitamins. Holy crap they were good. Needless to say, I certainly got the recommended daily dose of all my vitamins that day :D
  6. Samwhore

    Samwhore Registered+

    i like the sour gummy worms better
  7. partyguy420

    partyguy420 Registered+

    i love gummy worms... they taste so good... i like to put gummy worms on a fishing hook and go fishing for gummy fish...

    homer-"im going to catch the general"
    general store clerk"not if you using gummy worms"
  8. friendowl

    friendowl Registered+

    The gelatin you eat in Jell-O comes from the collagen in cow or pig bones, hooves, and connective tissues. To make gelatin, manufacturers grind up these various parts and pre-treat them with either a strong acid or a strong base to break down cellular structures and release proteins like collagen. After pre-treatment, the resulting mixture is boiled. During this process, the large collagen protein ends up being partially broken down, and the resulting product is called gelatin. The gelatin is easily extracted because it forms a layer on the surface of the boiling mixture.

    Gelatin is a common ingredient in foods because it is so versatile. It can be used as a gelling agent (as in Jell-O), as a thickener, an emulsifier, and a stabilizer. You'll find it in a variety of foods, from yogurt to chewing gum. Here is a list of some other foods that commonly contain gelatin:

    gummy bears
    sour cream
    cream cheese
    cake icing and frosting
    soups, sauces and gravies
    canned ham and chicken
    corned beef
    Gelatin is even used to make the coating for pills that makes them easier to swallow. It's also in cosmetics, lozenges, and ointments.

    When you buy a box of Jell-O (or another brand of gelatin) at the grocery store, you get a small packet of powdered gelatin with artificial flavorings and colors. At room temperature, the gelatin protein is in the form of a triple helix. This is a fairly ordered structure not unlike that of DNA. With DNA, two chains of nucleotides are twisted together in a spiral pattern. (To learn more about DNA, see How Cells Work). In the gelatin protein, there are three separate chains of amino acids (polypeptide chains) have lined up and twisted around each other, and the helix is held together by weak bonds that form between the amino acids that end up on the inside of the coiled structure.

    This gelatin is supposed to taste like an orange. Orange food coloring is added to heighten this sensation.

    To make a gelatin mold, you have to add boiling water to the powdered gelatin. You then stir the mixture for about 3 minutes until the gelatin dissolves completely.

    Hot water is added to the orange gelatin, and the gelatin mix is stirred until all of the powder has dissolved.

    What happens to gelatin when you add boiling water? The energy of the heated water is enough to break up the weak bonds holding the gelatin strands together. The helical structure falls apart, and you are left with free polypeptide chains floating about in solution.

    The next step is to add cold water and stick the dissolved gelatin in the refrigerator to chill for several hours. When you cool down the mixture, the polypeptide chains begin to reassociate and reform the tight triple helix structure. However, the chilling process is slow, and the individual strands have been widely dispersed by mixing, so the helices aren't perfectly formed. In some places, there are gaps in the helix, and in others, there is just a tangled web of polypeptide chains. When the gelatin solution is chilled, water is trapped inside these gaps and pockets between chains. The protein net that is left after chilling gives the gelatin mold its shape, and the trapped water provides the characteristic Jell-O jiggle that makes it a popular food for kids to eat.

    If you are using a special mold, you need to pour the gelatin mix into the mold before you chill it. The finished product will take on the shape of the container holding it.

    Here are some interesting links:

    How Food Works
    How Vitamin C Works
    How Calories Work
    What is the difference between jelly, jam, and preserves?

    Jell-O Museum
    Kraft's Jell-O page

    Please copy/paste the following text to properly cite this How Stuff Works article:

    "What exactly is Jell-O made from?". January 24, 2001 Howstuffworks "What exactly is Jell-O made from?" (January 30, 2007)



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    How Cells Work

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  9. OniEhtRedrum781

    OniEhtRedrum781 Registered+

    I like gummy bears and worms but if i eat too many.... and I mean WAY TOO MANY... I get a stomach ache :p
  10. Fengzi

    Fengzi Registered+

    Mmmmm, the best is that sour sugar stuff that's left in the bottom of the bag.
  11. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    Yeah, gummi bears kick ass.

    My fav. is eating Skittles and Starburst. Soo damn fruity and a good time. As a matter of fact, I have a bag of Skittles on the counter. I will eat thenm later, and I will enjoy them.

    I'll think of all of you when I'm eating them. :D
  12. 2600HERTZ

    2600HERTZ Registered+

    Well I hate the flavor, But I love biting their heads off. "FUCKin right Mr. Bear, that that shit. I will teach you to fuck with my campsite."
  13. Fengzi

    Fengzi Registered+

    LOL, when I first saw this post I thought the list above was a recipe for some munchie food you concocted. Mix it all together and throw into a jello mold. Mmmmm

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