hair follicle I doomed?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by trs, May 8, 2007.

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    Hey all. I have a hair follicle test coming up and I'm concerned I might not pass it. Basically, I haven't smoked anything for like over 2 years, then last month, either mid-March or end of March, I had about 3 or 4 decent puffs off a buddy's pinch hitter - very small amount but it was enough to get me buzzed. I've been reading a few articles and threads on this, and it seems most information or conversations I've covered tends to be about people who are regular or casual users.

    This test is sorta out of the blue, otherwise, no way would I have indulged. Am I in trouble? I got one friend who says I'd be okay and another who is not so sure. Found a link on here that says Aloe Rid could help...thoughts on if it helps or what I could do?

    Much appreciated for those who take the time to read this and/or reply. Thanks.
  2. skatin_foo15

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    shave your head?
  3. greengrass

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    Then they'll take hair from somewhere else on your body. Did you know you had hair on other places besides your head?

    Hair testing is something I have very little experience with, but if you could get them to give you a pee test instead, you'd definitely be fine. If you haven't done anything in 2 years save the last month, what is their reasoning behind giving you such an elevated test? Hair test would make me uncomfortable.
  4. trs

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    It's a new job. The company is kind of prestigious, too, so they require it for all new employees - even if you're employed thru a recruiting firm, which is the case here.

    I am definitely a little uncomfortable with the point where a small part of me hopes they don't make me an offer...which is kinda sad.
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  5. AlbinoRhino421

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    if you havent smoked in two years, it should only take like two or three weeks tops to get out of your system. if not, shave your entire body
  6. mfqr

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    Well, I believe if they do a hair test on you, they can basically see any drug you've done during your entire life. I could be wrong on this, however. But hair follicle testing is much more thorough and accurate, but it's costly.

    Also, shaving can't do much, considering the follicle of your hair is not visible, so shaving will not shave off the follicle. I'm sure it would be much harder to obtain the hair follicle, though.

    Edit: I was wrong. They can't see all the drugs you've done during your whole lifetime. Sorry. Hope I didn't scare you, lol.

    Hair Follicle Drug Testing FAQ - Hair Testing Facts

    "What time period does a standard hair follicle test cover?

    A standard hair follicle screen covers a period of approximately 90 days, but is susceptible to time variation depending on the growth rate of your hair. The hair sample is cut as close to the scalp as possible and the most recent 3.9cm (or 1.5 inches) are tested. It is possible to go back even further than 90 days since the time period is limited only by the length of the hair sample, but is standardized to a 90 day history."
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    PHATTY LUMPKINS Registered+

    Dude you are so screwed. I have had one and you are done. my advice to you, would be to shave every peice of hair off of your whole body. then wish them luck on getting a sample.and also start sending out new Resumes ASAP. Good Luck!
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    PHATTY LUMPKINS Registered+

    or I heard rogaine in your scalp will fault the test. but dont know how reliable that is. good luck
  9. mfqr

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    Hm, since it's standard that 90 days are covered in the test, you might not make it, since you've only abstained for about 1 month. Though like it says in the link, it's possible to go even further back than 90 days. But a little more than 3 months of abstinence would do it, I suppose. Maybe you should say you have things going on for now, and then in like 3 months or so you should go and reapply, and then when they test you you'll be clean.
  10. trs

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    thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, this is probably a one-time shot with this company.
  11. enjoi

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    I wouldn't "give up" like some people here are suggesting. Try everything you can to get out of taking the hair test. Tell them you have nothing to hide but you don't believe that hair tests aren't accurate enough. Tell them you will happily give a sample of your blood (approx. same detection time as urine) to be tested. If they refuse to allow you to take any other type of test, try and stall as long as possible. If you can't get out of it, I wouldn't turn down the job just because I'm afraid I might fail a drug test. If you're honest about taking 3-4 hits and that's within 2 years (last time about 40 days ago), you should be good. Drug tests have cut-off levels for passing and failing. You can still have THC in your system and pass. Ask them (if you don't want to look too suspicious, ask who they are going to send you to and talk to someone that works at the lab) what the cut-off levels are. I don't know if you can even test the exact amounts of different drugs through a hair test, if they can't give you exact numbers, refuse it all you want and offer the other 2 tests, tell them you only trust a test that gives you the EXACT results because you're afraid of false positives. I have no idea if those shampoos work but hell it couldn't hurt to try.

    Edit: Fixed a spelling error
  12. Not2Good7

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    I have had one done before, and they don't pull out your hair... They cut little chunks out of different places on the head... or other body part, I suppose.
  13. Not2Good7

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    Oh, and they do look to see what drugs you have done.... but what they are really interested in.... Is what drugs you have ABUSED. It's like a DNA strand of your drug use, but it only relays the last 5 years, if I am not mistaken.
  14. dawninthemorning

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    they are only supposed to look at the last 90 days and anything you have done more that 3 times.
  15. wade5.7

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    So in my town the court orders you to go to xroads when you are found guilty of posession or paraphanalia of anything, bounced checks and whatnot. its run by the judges husband or something so everyone is sent there that can be sent there... politics politics. anyway, i was supposed to do a number of urine sample tests and ended up diluting the first 3 tests and ending up having to take a hair test, and i knew i was going to fail. dirrrrrrrrty for Everything. so i figure as my last choice i would go to the local headshop and see what they said and i ended up buying a $65 bottle of folli-kleen Intense Hair Cleanser. it worked not once but twice as i ended up having to go in for another hair test in 3 more months. it duped labcorp twice, i figure if i was in your position that thats what id do. good luck with it though, id be shitt*n kittens.
  16. Devious D

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    Did you pass? Did you use anything?
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    well look, hesonly made three posts, all in here and hasnt been on in months i thin he failed lol

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