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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by PassingBy, Sep 21, 2008.

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    Let's say you last smoked over a week ago and you know you might have a hair test in 4-6 weeks. So basically you are screwed as you will be within the standard 90 days test window.

    Supposedly the thc metabolites bond to the hair follicle via the blood. And it takes 5-10 days (depending on the person) for the portion of the hair with the metabolites to break the surface of the skin.

    So conceivably, if you shaved your entire body 10 days after your last puff -- the hair that would grows back over the next 4-6 week times would be clean when they finally test it? So you might show up with short hair, but you would not look suspiciously shaved.

    Is this correct as far as timeline? I am thinking a full shave and at least a months growth (half inch) may be the only way to beat the hair tests 90 day window.

    I can't see how it would not work: you've wiped away the affected hair and given yourself at least a months growth of new, clean hair to be tested.
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    i realize they could always opt for fingernails. In that case, I'd say thank you, no thank you, and demand they take hair or walk.

    But I am thinking if you could get a 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch of fresh clean growth, act cool and not nervous with your tester, they'll just harvest more areas of your 1/2 = 3/4 inch growth and call it a test.

    I know a couple people who had short, buzzed hair (1/2 inch) and the tester just took more hair from different areas.

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    You better remember to shave more than just your head. Hair is hair...

    Wish I could help more... but that just popped into my head. Good luck. Shitty situation to be in. Hope things work out :hippy:
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    I am talking about shaving everything - EVERYTHING!!!! :thumbsup: And doing it at the 14 day mark from the last puff.

    if the hiring process goes the way it should, I will have at least a month of new growth -- possibly up to two months of new, clean growth to go to the hair test with. That would give them 1/2 to 1 inch to work from (and not look suspicious).

    I keep my hair buzzed short anyways, so I will just buzz it up the day I shave everything. And then just get my normal haircut around the time of the test -- making sure I give them around 1/2 - 1inch of growth. By then my body hair should have grown back so it looks "normal"

    My History:
    Pre-July --no smoking for over a year
    July - 1-2 week tokes a week
    Quit Aug 2 after a heavy party!
    Sept - a couple of tokes each weekend, last time Sept 14.

    I think I will be good on piss test by the time the hiring process runs its course since I have been basically a light smoker.

    I just worry about the hair test as I will be pushing close to that 3-4 times in 90 days by the time I test. So I figure fuck 'em, I'll get rid of my hair starting from 14 days after the last toke on the 14th and let new shit grow back before the test. If my hair can grow fast enough so it does not look suspicious and is enough to harvest, I think I will be OK.

    Is there anything that can make hair grow faster? I need to google that next.
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    Anyone have any more advice on this?

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