Hair test help needed!!!!!! JerryG, you out there?????

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by cobudman, Aug 28, 2013.

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    Hey guys, I am new to the site although not new to checking out pics of buds or growing techniques.

    I was just offered a new job last week but found out that I need to take a drug test. I believe it is a hair test but not sure. It is being done through Quest. The drug test code is 21609H or 21609N. It is a 10-50 SAP test but not sure if the test is hair or urine. Does anyone know?

    I quite smoking roughly 60 - 80 days ago, not sure how everyone knows the exact date, due to starting to look for another job. I want to take every position that I can since this is a kick ass job. I believe that I stopped closer to 75 - 80 days ago but can't be sure. My intake for the past 15 years has been higher when younger but usually 3-4 puffs a night off of a joint or bowl of some pretty dank bud. Gotta love Colorado.........

    I weight 185 lbs., 5'11" with light brown hair except the balding portion of my head so I know that they will go other places. I usually shave my head but have let my hair grow recently over the past week and a half and have about a 1/4 up top on the sides. I am pretty much shaven down below as well so that just leaves my arms, legs and pits. I am going to trim all remaining areas down to a 1/4 inch so they cannot us that area either which leaves just my pits for them to test. I have read the forums multiple times but have not seen much information on arm pit hair being used.

    If I trim my pit hair down to 3/4 - 1 inch and do the Maccuj0 method or any other methods out there, will I have a good chance of passing this? I have been using PM S2 Clarifying shampoo but I don't think this is enough. Especially since hair in the pit area grows a little slower.

    Any info from all of you previous experts is on this is certainly appreciated.

    Thanks, budman
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    This is a urine test, not hair. The SAP 10-50 code signifies this. The code breaks down as follows:

    SAP = Substance Abuse Panel (assay screen)

    10 = 10 types of drugs to be screened - with THC being among them, of course.

    50 = 50 ng/ml cutoff threshold for THC.
  3. cobudman

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    Thanks Burnt Toast. What does the code look like for a hair test or do they do it for a smaller panel of like 5 drugs? Most people have had a hair test with this company so I just need assurance.
  4. Burnt Toast

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    Most have your usual inventory code (21609H and 21609N are examples of an inventory code) preceding the hair test code of 5 HAIR (or 10 HAIR in the case of a 10 drug hair test)

    Also hair tests carry a cutoff threshold thats MUCH lower than 50 ng (2 ng/ml or less) because of their method of function. Therefore, theres no such thing as a hair test with a 50 ng threshold.
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  5. cobudman

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    Thank you again. That gives me a lot of relief. This is a great job that I do not want to lose. What do you think the chances of me passing the UA are with the information that I provided above?

    This site rocks and I appreciate all of your knowledge on this matter.

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