Hair test: Smoked once in 120 days

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by rdub6832, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. rdub6832

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    I read the company I was going to work for does a urine screen, but today I got instructions to go to Psychemedics to have a hair test. On the form there are checkboxes for head, armpit, chest, leg, other. I plan on shaving everywhere but the head.

    I have been clean for over 4 months, but 3 weeks ago I smoked a small bowl of kind bud. We are really freaking out since this is a big job. I'd rather do what I can instead of hope I'll be OK.

    My hair is thin and I keep it short, it is just under 1 1/2 inches. Should I do zydot, and maybe a light mac method? I'd rather not do a bleach and dye if possible.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I need to do the test within 72 hours.
  2. jeffman

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    If you have Zydot it wouldn't hurt to do it. If you just smoked a small bowl in the last 90 days, I think you should be ok.

    Your head hair is already at the length thats close but acceptable to get a sample from so don't cut it any shorter. If they say it's to short tell them last time you had a hair test at the same length they took a few samples from different areas on your head. You don't need a bleach and dye.

    Either shave your body hair or trim it as close to the skin as you can. Good luck....:thumbsup:
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    They make shampoos for follicle tests. You can get them at probably GNC if you have one where you live or from any head shop. They might not carry the exact kind, but more than likely will have the detox shampoo.

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  4. rdub6832

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    Thank you Jeffman and Italiano. I did Macujo and then will do Zydot right before I leave tonight. I'm sure I'll be fine, but would rather be extra cautious. I'll make sure to post my results.
  5. jeffman

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    Good, when it's this important it's good to back yourself up. Make sure you use a clean hairbrush and clean towel and even put a clean towel over the headrest in your car. Your not a heavy smoker but take all precautions. Good luck...:thumbsup:
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    offered a position for a great job. found out that next morn would need to come in for hair test. First I freaked out then looked up on internet what the hell to do? I bought a hair follicle shampoo along with macujo stuff including apple cider vinagar, neutragena pore cleanser with 2% acid, and liqued tide. doused with vinagar and pore cleanser placed shower cap for approx.30-35 min. washed out with tide and then with follicle shampoo. Slept for approx. 3 1/2 hours to wake up and follow same process only leaving vinegar and acid 2% on for only 5 min. followed by tide, dandruff shampoo and then an intense conditioner left only in for 1 min. momentary blow dry with hair still wet in pony tail hoping like hell not to smell like this stuff and off I went. Now, to tell you, very infrequent user with taking 2 small hits 2 1/2 months ago and maybe 1 small hit 2-3 wks prior. female, 225 lbs. I'm sure metabolism not so great. hair sample taken from back of head with hair still wet. new hair growth approx 1 1/2" med brown fine hair with 5-6 in" of colored treated hair following high lighting not sure if was bleach or not. Psychemetics is the company. Any input Please??
  7. Deige

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    Your fine, a simple Zydot shampoo would have been more than enough to treat your hair. Hair testing goes back 90 days or 1 1\2 inches of hair. During this period your allowed three small smoking sessions to be under the cutoff level of testing positive. You had only two and by the amounts you stated I would say more like one. Relax, your in good shape.:thumbsup:
  8. emack59

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    Good to hear from you Deige. I had less than 24 hours notice for this hair test so I grabbed what I could. My hubby ran to the head shop and bought BodyFlush max strength follicle hair shampoo. while he was away I couldn't peel myself from the internet finding a thread somewhat like this one, I came across macujo and ran to walmart, no time for anything else. The anxiety is a bitch. While i'm probably ok, I just don't know how small of an amount shows up is why I decided to do the whole "dressing". Scheduled to start work on Jan. 4th. Will keep posted.
  9. Sherpa

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    so? Rdub and Emack, did you pass?????
  10. drezzo

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    What are my chances pleeeease

    For my job they just told me I needed a hair test (something they do to everyone for preemployment). My hair is buzzed, armpits and pubes shaved, and short arm hair; so I knew they had to take from my legs. The test was today (3-16-10). I rarely smoke but did so twice last weekend (once on 3-5-10 and once on 3-8-10). On the 8th I smoked some strong stuff, about a bowl to myself. Before that i took a couple puffs here and there (from a joint) maybe 2 or 3 times. Last night, I did the Macujo method on my legs (Heinz apple cidar vinegar, clean and clear (pink kind), and tide detergent). This morning I did the Macujo method when I woke up and again after lunch. About an hour before leaving for the clinic, I used All Clear Shampoo and Gel on my leg hair. When I got there, they took a shaver to a spot on my leg without cleaning it off (and i just rinsed off the All Clear with water). So they probably got an inch of hair. BTW, I am male, 6'0", 150lbs., very little body fat. What does everyone think? Does this have a good chance of being under the cutoff? If it isn't and I receive a call from them asking why, what are some good excuses? I was thinking of telling them that I had been taking lots of ibuprofen regularly and that I know some of the people around were smoking marijuana at a couple of the past concerts I had attended (big college crowds). Anyway, any input / response will be greatly appreciated. I should know the results by sometime next week.
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    Hey, man, whatever came of that test?

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