Hair test this thursday...Jerry G and Macujo

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    I have a hair drug test with psychemedics on 8/1 (this thursday) and will be 21 days clean by then. I was a moderate smoker before and have dirty blondish/ brown hair. I have done the macujo method almost day since I stopped on 7/11, have done 2 bleaches, shaved all my body hair on the 9th day clean (seems to grow back pretty fast). My hair is an 1" but will cut it to 3/4" the night before (is this a good idea?). I might also do another bleach in the next day or so but my concern is all my bleaches have been close together last one being this past thursday and the one before was tuesday. I think my scalp is blistered because its oozing something and causing my hair to clump together in the back. On test day I'm going to do a macujo and end it with zydot ultra clean. Anyone in a similar situation pass or someone with knowledge on the topic have input? How long does body hair have to be in order to be used? If its long enough should i try get them to take the sample from there? I've read body hair is less accurate and probably is clean since i shaved it Anyone know if it would be safe to do another bleach? I feel kind of confident with all the crap I've been doing but yet I have my doubts because of how extensive hair test are.

    1. Apple cider vinegar 20/30 min
    2. Clean and clear (pink kind) 20/30 min
    3. Tide 20/30 min
    4. Baking soda w/ water 30 min
    (on test day i will sub next 2 steps with zydot)
    5. neutrogena t-sal either 5 min or twice 3 min each
    6. Paul Micheal III 5 min
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    Did my 3rd bleach within a week, hair feels alright not falling out or anything. Since no one can really help or answer my questions I guess this thread will be a source of information for future pot smokers if I end of passing.
  3. Kronic1420

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    Took my test yesterday, hopefully I passed. If not I have another job offer but its probably another hair test (fml) and will take it next week, I'm aiming for Thursday (28 days clean by then) but there trying to do everything quick. They didn't specify which kind of drug test I'll take so I'm going to cut my hair real short (3/8" or 1/2") and clip my nails also so they can't take that. If anyone thinks I passed or will pass this next one, please chime in and calm my nerves.
  4. Kronic1420

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    If it turns out I failed, what are my chances of getting hired under probational terms if I claim I ate a pot brownie unknowingly
  5. Kronic1420

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    Well good news everyone, I passed the psychemedics HFT!!! I'll go over everything I did for those of you that need the help
    Background- 5'8" 150-160lbs very athletic I lift weights and wrestle so it was out of my system within 2 weeks, brown to dirty blondish hair varies on the amount of sun I get and moderate to heavy smoker (atleast 1 bowl a day)
    When I received the offer I just got back from vacation with a shit ton of smoking and literally right when I finished a vape bowl, worst high of my life. I immediately went to get my hair cut and started researching. They need atleast 3/4" (#6 at barber) might get away with a little less but I didn't risk it. I shaved body hair the next day and again after being clean for 9 days to allow the dirty hair to grow back out. I did an at home urine test to see if I was clean on the 11th day and passed but was late at night so don't know how reliable it was. I started my version of the macujo method on the 4th day clean and did it atleast once a day sometime twice unless i felt my scalp needed a break (see 1st post). I came across the jerry g method and bleached my hair on the 12th day and 14th day then redyed on the 15th because I had another job interview. Now I did NOT use zydot or toxin wash after the bleaches just tsal and PMIII and I would go all the way to the tide step on the mac before bleaching. On the 18th day I did another bleach and redyed the next day (3 bleaches within a week for those of you who are worried, hair was fine). Continued the mac until test day which was on the 21st day clean. The night before I cut my hair to exactly 3/4" and the next day I did the mac but instead of tsal and PMIII I did a full zydot treatment and went in for the test. I don't remember when but I ran out of clean and clear and since it and tsal both have the same acid I just subbed the tsal in for the clean and clear step (tsal actually has a higher % so might work better idk).
    Hope this helps
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    What's up Kronic... I have my hft in the next month or so and I decided to do exactly what you did since you passed.
    Do you have any extra tips?
    I will be doing the mac method
    Should I bleach and dye? I know you did.
    I only want them to sample my hair( very thin/very light) So therefore should I shave from neck down in about a week?
    Also when your doing the final zydot treatment the day of the test did you leave the baking soda in when your applying the zydot or rinse out the baking powder then apply the zydot?
    Any input or advice is Greatly appreciated and thanks for yout time Kronic.

    Congrats on you passing your test! Well done!
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    Bleach and redye is the best way to go but whether you have to to pass depends on your history the past 3 months. My only extra tip would be follow the Jerry G method exact with the added stuff I did but as you can see I didn't and past with my smoking history. If you really need to pass I would do the bleaches just to be safe. As for shaving wait 10-14 days after last hit so all new hair growth will be clean and trim before test if you want to be certain they take from your head.And yes I rinsed out the baking soda before starting zydot.
  8. civicsi23

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    History: 5g a week for a very very long time. I quit smoking on monday. (FML)

    Also what exact brand of bleach/dye did you use?

    Once again any help or input is well appreciated.

    What I have now: toxic wash, nexxus aloe rid (old version) zydot treatment.

    Can you ballpark a number on how many mac/jerry treatments you did b4 test?

    You also stated " my 3rd bleach in a week". Was that bleach, bleach, bleach, then re-dye or bleach, dye, bleach, dye, bleach, dye?

    I apologize for all the questions. Just a nervous wreck! Thanks again kronic...
  9. Kronic1420

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    40 volume bleach don't remember the brand and redye was just back to my natural hair color what ever the salon used.(I had hair stylist dye it back becuase I didn't want it to look weird.) I did the mac atleast 20-25 times and jerry G 3 times and I did it bleach, bleach, dye, bleach, dye. I don't think the redye is the important part its just so you don't have white hair, I had another job interview between one of the bleaches which is why i dyed back twice instead of once, your call really. And don't worry with the questions, ask away, I was in your spot once so i know how it feels.
    I would say just do the mac as much as you can handle becuase it starts to hurt your scalp, take a day off every now and then, and do the jerry g method atleast twice but make your last one as close to test day as possible. Also cut your hair to 3/4"-1" giving them the smallest sample possible but do NOT go under 3/4" or they will not take it from your head and when i took it they wanted to take it from my body so have am excuse ready as to why your body hair is short.
  10. civicsi23

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    Sounds good I will do that

    Thanks again kronic

    Not sure when the test is prob several weeks or so and I will post my results
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    Please assist!

    I have the HFT in a week, smoked twice in the last 6 months Nov 17 (2-3 hits) and only one other time in July. I have pretty thick hair and it grows well. Regular hair cuts every 5-6 weeks,just cut it this week,leaving about 1/2" length (maybe a little more) I plan on doing the macujo for the next week until I take the test. Any other suggestions? Any thoughts on my situation would be helpful..

  12. Kronic1420

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    bleach and redye is the best way to pass but you may beable to pull it off with a bunch of macujo methods depending on how light color wise your hair is. 1/2 an inch is a little short and they may take body hair, if it's already cut you could shave your body to force from head your treat a section on your body and get them to test from there. I walked in with 3/4 in (the minimum) and they tried to take sample else where but lucky I shaved my body hair shorter. And the time in July won't matter, half an inch is equivalent to a month of history
  13. vegas life

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    hey kronic1420,

    Need some input and friendly advice please. I've been smoking almost daily for the past couple years.

    I've been reading and researching so much for the past week or so and I have been following your method (I've noticed you've been following other tread's and did your research as well and your the most recent success story so I chose to follow your doings). To give you a background of my situation. I got a job offer to come aboard a job that I really wanted on 4/1/14. (It was in the morning and I was in the middle of rolling a blunt for a wake n bake, lol, I didn't smoke it, I dropped it and I went straight to researching) I've been clean since 4/1/14 and I have done a couple macujos like mentioned in your first posting and I bleached and redyed (bleach & redye on same day) my hair on 4/5/14. I've been doing as many macujo's as I can handle (2 up to today, I plan on doing a couple more). The day of the test is this Saturday (4/12/14) I will be clean for a total of 12 days when test day rolls around. I plan on getting my haircut to 3/4" - 1" on Friday (4/11/14) the day before the test, after getting my hair cut I plan on bleaching and redying my hair that night and washing all that stuff out with tsal and PM3. I shaved everything already from the neck down and the day of the test I plan on waking up early and doing the MAC up to step #4 and doing the full ZYDOT treatment. I plan on buying new towels and tshirts and using them the night before and day of, not coming in contact with the head rest in my car, cleaning my glasses with rubbing alcohol and turning on the ac on my way to the testing facility to allow minimal perspiration.

    Sorry for the long write up, but I've been stressing and worried and just want to see if im doing everything right and if I can get your honest input on the situation and any addition advice is needed.

    Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.
  14. naggingpeach

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    I just wanted to thank you for posting your experiences Kronic, this was very interesting to me, and it will probably save some peoples asses as well
  15. Kronic1420

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    Vegas life,

    Sorry I did not get back to you in time. Seems like you did everything right, probably could have done another bleach and redye (the most effective method). Hope to hear your results.
  16. Kronic1420

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    I appreciate your thanks. After I passed, I felt I should turn my experience into a source of information for people so maybe they can pass.
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    Okay so I have been offered this amazing job opportunity. I found out that I am required to pass a hair follicle test at a Concentra facility. My last smoke was 45 days ago and it was a joint or 2 over the weekend. Before that it was a join or two a month prior and before that I had been clean for a bout 4 months. I am overweight so I would assume my metabolism is slow if that matters. Heres what I have done so far

    Mac Method with ACV, netrogena acne stuff ( I know it was supposed to be clean and clear but it dies have the sycrilic acid in it. Tide, Paul Mitchel 3 Shampoo, pantene weekly detoxifer

    Day 2 Repeated MAC and then bleached wither ferria extra bleach blonde.

    Day 3 Mac Method except with the pink clean and clear then redyed brown, evening MAC with clean and clear and another redye brown becaus the first one didnt cover all of the bleached hair.

    I figured I would rest my scalp on Day 4 and then I go in for the test on day 5.

    What are my chances I have thin light brown hair... Any suggestions? Should I go buy test clear shampoo too?
  18. Kronic1420

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    Hard to say but I think you chances are on the good side considering you don't smoke a whole lot. The rule of thumb I've read about in this forum and others is one toke (brownie,hit, etc) a month. I'm not sure how effective the shampoos are,I used one because I figured all it could do is help.

    Good luck, post results. Let people know your experience so they can learn from it as well.
  19. phantomhitter

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    I definitely will let everyone know. I am so nervous for tomorrow. I decided to give my hair a break today because my scalp is all burned up and I dont want it to look crazy when I go in. I hope this will be enough. I really need this job. How long do results typically take? Can I demand another test and just deny that I have ever sm0ked
  20. rpx

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    Hi Kronic,
    Thank you so much for the info, I have a hf test coming up at the end of the week or early next week for a great job. Also my hair is light brown / dirty blonde. Did you use the pink clean and clear "deep cleaning astringent? I plan on bleaching and dying 3 times and not sure how many mac method cycles i will do.
    Also can you tell me how much water u mixed the baking soda with? and did you rinse after and then tsal or put tsal onto of baking soda after 30 minutes. and how long did you leave bleach and dye in hair for?
    Thanks again for the help
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