Hair test this thursday...Jerry G and Macujo

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Kronic1420, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. rpx

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    Ps i only used once on april 12 and before that probably over a year and my hair is 1/2 inch
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    So I did my hair test today. The form said it was a psychemedics test :/ and they took ALOT of hair and def more than an inch and a half, stuffed it in some foil and sealed it in an envelope. Will they be testing all 4 inches or what? May work in my favor though since the only smoking I have done in the last months was 45 days ago and 75 days ago.... ugh! They told me it could take up to a week to get results and they will call if they have any questions about meds that I am taking... so nervous....
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    Nope. They will cut up to 1.5 inches for the analysis and discard the remaining length.
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  4. phantomhitter

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    okay so I havent heard back yet. I took the test Tuesday morning. My potential employer called the next day for some info for the background check and mentioned the results were still pending but it normally only takes a couple of days even though the drug test place said up to a week. So heres my question... Would I have been informed of a failing test by now or is it possible I failed the first one and they are retesting the sample still?
  5. phantomhitter

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    Okay guys I am seriously freaking out... I still havent heard anything... Would I have been notified of a failing result by now? Tomorrow will be a week since I gave my sample.
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    I took mine 4/24 and just found out today that I passed the hair test but my background check is still pending. I had to call the employer to find out as well. Good luck!
  7. phantomhitter

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    So still no word... I called and left a message tonight for the employer. I would hope that if I had failed someone would have contacted me by now.
  8. phantomhitter

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    Well I passed! They called me back today and looked up the results while we were on the phone and said everything looks good :) guess until its legal I will have to be done... they do random hair tests where im going and I dont want to be this anxious about something every again!
  9. Burnt Toast

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    Congrads on passing the hair test.

    Best wishes :smokin:
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    Hello everyone, I have been looking for websites to post my results to give people a little hope when it comes to this hair test. First of all, I am 6 ft even, 185 lbs, very high metabolism. A few months ago I had to take the hair test for an internship through school. After reading into it, I started to get a little nervous because of all the claims the hair testing companies make. I was 64 days clean from mary jane, and 53 days from coke come test day. I also want to mention that I hardly ever do either...before that was a year ago for coke and about 2 months for weed. STILL! I was not going to chance it. I did the macujo method 3 half assed times and only 1 time thoroughly...I wasn't overly worried about it, due to my infrequent use. By half ass, I mean I did each step for 5-10 minutes, instead of 30 minutes. The only products I used: apple cider vinegar, clean&clear, tide, and tsal shampoo, in that order. Yes, I PASSED the test.... BUT,


    At that time, I had been prescribed to 20mg adderall. I didn't bring my prescription bottle to the clinic, but only mentioned to the nurse as she took my hair sample. She said "Don't worry about it, if anything comes up in your hair, then the company will call you and you will just have to verify that you are in fact prescribed to that drug." I had been taking adderall every day for about 8 months at that point and NOTHING showed up because of the macujo method. I never got a call, all I was told is that I passed. 8 MONTHS, EVERYDAY...And it DID NOT show up, because of the macujo method. I never stopped taking it prior to the hair test because I was prescribed.

    I hope this success story gives you hope. Thanks for letting me share!
  11. alotofstuff

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    I also want to add that my hair was a little over 2 inches long the day of the test, because like I said before, I felt pretty confident I would pass. Plus, I didn't feel like shaving any of my body hair so, I wanted my hair to be long enough that they would for sure take the samples off the top of my head. I have brown hair and a little grey throughout my head. I have read that the darker and thicker your hair is, the more susceptible you are to successfully absorbing the drug metabolites into the hair strand.
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    Can anyone tell me where i can buy a couple of the items.. Will be doing hft next week will post results thanks

    2. Clean and clear (pink kind)
    5. neutrogena t-sal
    6. Paul Micheal III
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    Hi guys I really need advice....

    I am going to court in a month to fight for joint custody but I’m worried my ex will ask for me to be tested.

    I’ve tried stopping weed around 4 months ago and I’ve smoked a joint every month but smoked a lot before then (20 years).

    I also use to take coke but been clean for 1 month.

    Do you think I’ll test positive if I abstain completely for the next month or so?

    Please please help me I’m really worried.
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    It's hard to say, but I think your prospects of testing clean is under 50% It can take 4 or 5 months to completely rid your system of THC, but since you smoked at least 1 joint a month since, I don't think anybody can really know your chances. Still, after 20 years, even if you didn't smoke at all for 4 months, it would still be a bit iffy. I'd say if you hadn't smoked anything for 5 solid months, you'd be in the clear. But as it is, nobody here could guess your chances.

    Why don't you just get a test kit and check yourself?
  15. Z man

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    Can someone help me with some info so I have been clean since October 31st I smoked everyday until a sudden stop if I get this interview I will be having a psych medic hair test probably in about 2 weeks. Even tho I was a heavy smoker will I pass after about 105 days clean? I am a 19 year old male, Caucasian light brown reddish hair, 6'4 280 but not unhealthy
  16. Lordofcattown

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    Hey guys,
    Thanks for all of the info! I have probably 2 weeks until my test. Is it best to do the mac method everyday during this, or should I have break days every now and then? Also, should I bleach and dye my hair after I've started the mac method or should I do that first?

    Thanks for all of the assistance!
  17. Lordofcattown

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    I think hair tests usually are about 90 days (3 months) out. If you feel uncomfortable, doing the Mac Method a couple of times before probably wouldn't hurt...

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