hairs burnt/eaten?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by o0darknemesis0o, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. o0darknemesis0o

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    high everyone I'm relatively new to posting here, but I've been visiting the site for quite some time...i usually read the forums and admire everyone else's grows. Hopefully I'll be pro like some of you some day, but for now I'll just have to make due with what i have... On to my problem... this is my second grow, my first ended disastrously when i left the plants alone for a bit while i went on vacation and came back to find them mostly dead...thats a whole other story though. this grow seems to be going along pretty well, i have 2 females, I'm guessing they're a mix, but i believe one is more indica and one more sativa...but i could be wrong...anyways i noticed tonight when i went to check on them that a few of the buds on one of my females looked as if the hairs on them had been burnt off or eaten away by something:wtf: ...I've never seen anything like this before, but I'm hoping that one of you more experienced growers will have seen something like this...anyways i'm going to end here for fear of rambling on forever...if you guys need any more pics/info or have any questions lemme know...they're 2 weeks into flowering btw

    A pic of the hairless bud
    hairs wtf.JPG

    and a normal looking bud from the same plant
    normal.JPG :wtf:
  2. Chronic Chrissy

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    How far into flower are you and are the two different pics taken from different heights on the plant?
  3. stinkyattic

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    how close are your lights?
  4. dutch.lover

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    yeah, i burnt off some hairs once from heat i think....they grew back after a while tho and the plant was totally fine. just harvested it actually, very indica! mmmmm
  5. o0darknemesis0o

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    Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback...Chrissy, i'm two weeks into flowering and the pics were taken from about the same distance (a couple inches away). Stinky, my lights are about a foot away from the top of the plant/s, but they're compact fluorescents so i don't need to keep them too far away and only one of the plants has the burnt hairs. the weird thing is not all the burnt bud is on top, its in a few different places...i'll try to show in another pic. i hope they'll just grow back and everything will be ok like dutch's did...i can't wait 'till harvest been dry for almost a week not and it's killing me.

    Heres the female with the few burnt can kinda get an idea of the light distance...
    2.28.07 (25).JPG

    and this is my other female, you can see how different the two are...most of the plant only has three leaves for some reason, but the plant seems to be doing alright as far as i can tell bit lanky though...
    2.28.07 (24).JPG
  6. stinkyattic

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    that light distance should be far enough to not cause a problem...hmm.
    do you know what strains those are?
    they both look healthy!
    some strains don't grow a full set of 7-11 leaves anyway... look at ducksfoot for example!
  7. JackdaWack

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    I have one bb in flower right now and its doing the same, i raised my light and im gonna see what happens, the lower buds are nice and becomeing dense but the upper most ones to the light, they just look skimpy for some reason.
  8. o0darknemesis0o

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    I'm not sure what strain they are...Once in a great while I'll find a seed in a bag of really good weed and I'll save it...i have about 20, the plants came from two of those seeds. I got lucky and both turned out to be females:D. I checked the plants out this morning and it looks like the hairs around the burnt ones are growing, so i hope it turns out fine. The only thing that i can think of, besides the plant having some strange ailment or insect, is that i might have bumped them with the light somehow when i was adjusting things and i didn't notice...I've never heard of ducksfoot...who knows, maybe i could have a cousin...

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