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  1. nlatham

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    So i'm just starting my 4th wk of veg and these white hairs are already popping up... i've never seen it like this, this early..
    whats the cause?
    ph is at 6.0 and their still on 18/6

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  2. 420amsdude

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    I would say it's about time to start on the 12/12 light cycle
  3. GetThisOrDie

    GetThisOrDie Registered+

    Those are called preflowers. A mature plant will show its sex through preflowers.

    Just means she READY to start 12/12... doesnt mean you have to flip it now.
  4. nlatham

    nlatham Registered

    Thanks.. This is the first time i've used this duel hps/mh bulb.. it's amazing how much better it is..
  5. MRDiff

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    Although I am much more impressed with MH, I actually saw preflowers earlier during my CFL grow. You might have just got better quality seeds one of the times. Or these ones are just early maturers
  6. elegantfool

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    Wow they look fantastic for 4 weeks. Can you please tell what strain they are.

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