Half O (mids?) for $190. Ripped?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by WaffleBear, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. WaffleBear

    WaffleBear Registered

    Very powerful aroma and has a lot of different colors to it. Maybe it's just because I'm a new smoker; but I smoked 1/2 gram with tobacco and it completely fucked me over. The high was so uncomfortable that I thought I was going to either die or have to call the ambulance. Maybe they laced it because I paid so much? But then again, it seems like mids in Arizona are more expensive than the chronic in any of the other U.S. states. So I don't know...

    All I'm hoping is that I'm just a super light weight and this just happens to be too potent for my newby experience level. I have no doubt that this quantity will last me several months. However if I get the same type of paranoid high like last time, I'll just sell it to a friend for $50. Or maybe I'll smoke out a more experienced smoker and see if they notice anything irregular about the high.


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    SMOKIN A WHILE Registered+

    Before you go dumping this. Try smoking just one hit and see how you feel. When someone describes how you reacted to the first smoke it is generally that you smoked more than your used to. Being a newbie that just might be the case. What I'm saying is your heartbeat increases and you start to feel paranoid. Just decrease the amount you smoke and see if you are mellower. I envy you quite honestly. The only time I get a rush like that is when I get better than mids and haven't smoked in a while. Mids in AZ are probably cheaper and better than NJ. The increase in heart rate generally is not a big deal but it sure feels like it.
  3. geonagual

    geonagual Banned

    that is way to much for mids..you got ripped..big time..I am sure it is not laced though..your just a rookie:)
  4. WaffleBear

    WaffleBear Registered

    I apologize to all of your for for my inexperience. And yeah I know 99% of you could buy 3 times that much in chronic for ~$200. I don't plan on buying from this particular guy again.

    I was high within about 20 seconds of the first puff,,, so I probably took 20 too many hits. It really was a bad experience because I couldn't feel any part of my body and I was getting audible sounds that I know weren't real; and the real ones were WAY over-amplified. And the closed eye visuals made me extremely nauseous. It's very odd because in the past I've smoked over 5 grams and I could interact with people and do normal tasks just fine. This however put me down and if anyone would have seen me, they would have guessed I overdosed on heroin and cocaine.
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  5. r0k

    r0k Registered+

    You said it was laced with tobacco? Do you smoke cigarettes? Maybe they just emptied a cigarette and you got a nicotine buzz with the weed, and that messed you up.. Because if you smoke a cigarette unfiltered through a bong or something, your buzz will kick.. And it'll last a while.

    I got really fucked up my first times smoking too.. It's probably not laced.. Looks alright from the pics, but you did get ripped off for mids. Unless there was a mistake, and it's actually dank.. It might be just really expensive. I can't really tell from the pics.

    Actually, what you should do is check for seeds. Mids would have a bunch of seeds, dank would probably have very few or none at all. Either way, don't throw it away or sell it yet, smoke it with someone more experienced first..

    Now, my question, why did you go off buying a half ounce when you're just getting your feet wet? Did you just have $190 to waste?

    I'd suggest smoking another bowl.. Or just a hit or so, to see how you feel. (Without lacing it with a cigarette, lol)

    If anything makes no sense, sorry, I'm quite high :thumbsup:
  6. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    Just sounds like its pretty good shit. One hit at time take some time with it. Don't smoke it like a cigarette,you'll be toast in no time.lol
  7. WaffleBear

    WaffleBear Registered

    Yeah I have a miniature bank in my closet and figured I might as well buy some weed that would last me a minimum of 6 months. I have standards when it comes to smoking, so I don't do it every day or every week.

    I couldn't find one seed in the bag. It's definitely dank for Arizona's standards- but I said mids because it doesn't have the sparkle most people have on their chronic. However, when I break up the nugs, the inside is very white and sparkly.

    Later tonight I'm going to smoke with a long time smoker and see what he thinks about it. I'll only take 1 or 2 hits this time though.
  8. geonagual

    geonagual Banned

    YEah man, have fun:)
  9. jeepboi

    jeepboi Registered+

    those look like mids to me, i felt the same way, but dank aroundme is just uber expensive.
  10. WaffleBear

    WaffleBear Registered

    A month ago I smoked 2 bowls of OG Kush from Cali (medicinal) and even that shit didn't hit me nearly as hard or fast. Weird stuff, hmm? I guess when my dealer, who has been smoking since Pokemon was a huge craze (lol), says that it's good shit- it really is decent.

    The pictures don't do too much justice because of the camera flash. The weed is green w/ orange and random specs of white. Some nugs have very dark purple and black on them. Dense & sticky, and the smell is pretty powerful; so high-mids would be more correct.

    I won't underestimate it this time around :jointsmile:
  11. bubblerman

    bubblerman Registered+

    If it got you THAT high then no, it wasnt a rip off :Rasta:
  12. WaffleBear

    WaffleBear Registered

    I concur. That weed made it so insanely hard to comprehend anything; literally, a two year old would have a better understanding of his place in this world than I did when I smoked it. But whatever, I guess that's being high for ya :cool:
  13. mogencho

    mogencho Banned

    that looks like more then a half
  14. DaChi

    DaChi Registered+

    Once you get close to the $200 mark for a half O, you should be getting stuff like dank purple, bubba kush, sour diesal, blueberry, not some mids. So yeah, you got ripped off.
  15. smokealot123

    smokealot123 Registered+

    lol my buddy has a new contact, he gets ak 47, blueberry and grapefruit strains all day for $90 a bag.. i do pay more but not much, i used 2 get this for $200 then 180 then 160 now im lovin it and getting it for 140.:thumbsup:

    new pick up today the stuffs purple :D
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  16. carfreek5

    carfreek5 Registered

    dude you got raped!:hippy:
  17. SeymourKush

    SeymourKush Registered

    thats 50 bucks tops for a half. i wouldnt even smoke that shit to be honest with you. yes you got ripped the fuck off, badly. that makes me wanna go over there and murder your connect with extreme prejudice.
  18. WaffleBear

    WaffleBear Registered

    Haha easy now. I blazed it last night, and with one hit, I was REALLY gone. My friend that has been smoking for more than a decade was high by his 3rd hit and couldn't muster enough strength to finish the bowl. He said it is good shit, but agreed that I should have only paid around $145 for it.

    So to conclude... It looks like shit, but in reality, it's the fuckin bomb :smokin:
  19. SeymourKush

    SeymourKush Registered

    well maybe i dont feel sorry for you. if it gets you high and you think you got the better end of the deal then thats all that matters. fuck a forums opinion.
  20. LargeToker37

    LargeToker37 Registered+

    Any weed that I wouldn't be able to finish one bowl of would have to be some dank.

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