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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by JackdaWack, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. JackdaWack

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    Im at 30 days now, and my BB female is roaring, she's showing me more bud then i have ever seen and im only half way done. My ppms are at about 1600 so i was wondering how good of an idea is it to up the nutes, shes looking very healthy, so i fugured she could take some more, should i up the nutes, or will it just be wasted. At this stage about half way through, do they want more nutes or have they leveled out on how much there getting, or do u find that your plants always want more nutes as the flowering cycle continues?
  2. dusto2k3

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    mine eat more. Here's what i do, up slowly till you see the tips burn slightly, then back off about 100ppm.
  3. alwayssleepdeprived

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    heya jack congrats on being half way through yer biggest yield ;-) I'd say dusto is right the more plant ya have the more they are gonna have to eat so just put @ MAX 100ppm (almost all P if you can) if you do it in the morning you should definately notice burn signs by shutoff and if yer in close tune with the plants you could probably see the signs of nute burn before the tips curl and yellow/brown take a couple pictures to help compare

    Once you notice too much food especially if it's curled tips or yellow/brown edges I'd top off 2 days with just water and see what the ppm is cause the plants will dump out there excess and that should be a good indication of how much they want

    I'd say you definately want to make sure they have enough at all costs but being slightly under the max intake is probably ideal it's also possible the potency/taste/smell might be affected by doing this as well so just try to keep records of what ya do and if you liked or didn't like the change

    Do you think they may be able to get a 1/4 lb from one plant this time?
  4. JackdaWack

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    i have no idea im seeing about 2 o's on the plant right now, and they just started to fill in, they have about 30 days left give or take so i think im reaching for the 1/4lb, Im using botonicare probloom, i notice alot of black crap on my roots i wash off every other day, and it settles at the bottom of my res, ppms remain the same so im not dropping out nutes, hmmm.. im gonna up the ppms to about 1700 tonight at lights on, see what happens when i wake up.
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    let me us know when you find out! I don't have a PPM meter but I am about at the same stage as you are with flowering. I think we are at day 27 or so so we should be done at the same time!
  6. JackdaWack

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    im sitting at 1850ppms, lookin good, about 4 weeks from harvest, 30 flower days in.

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