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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by kdspecial, May 22, 2007.

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    Justa quick question for those of you who hand water CoCO...

    I understand Coco is kinda a HydroPonic Medium.

    DOes this mean that the Ph should be in the lower levels 5.5 - 6.2 like ina hydroponic Setup?

    Or because Im using it ina hand watering Method should my Ph levels be more like soil Levels. 6.2 - 7Ph ?

    I ran tap water 7.4Ph through my Coco Coir and my Ph was 6.7Ph Runoff. I think this should work well eh?

    As well how often do you Botanicare users add the Cal Mg when using Coco? Is it once a week? I have tried to find the Botanicare feeding schedual online But I have had troubles finding it. Its like hidden on their site or somthing.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Kindly

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  3. dusto2k3

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    KD, what brand of coco are you using. All coco's except b'cuzz (i think) and canna coco require a hearty flush before you can plant. They have a lot of salt buildup.

    I run in coco and i set my ph to 5.7 and it will sty there for a week or longer. I dont know, but my 15 gal res only needs an adjustment when im filling it. I can leave it and have no worries for a week.

    KD, also you cannot let the coco dry as the Ca will get locked up, so make sure it stays damp.

    Run some 5.8 ph water thru and see what the runoff is after a hearty flush, also check the EC or the PPM of the runoff.

    KD, also i use calmag every time, i add it in the rez, because i use RO water.

    SORRY, BUT THE GUY NEEDS HELP...the link is to an established coco forum, and you can find all and more info there.
  4. kdspecial

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    The fellow at the Grow shop said I wouldn't need to flush this Coco...

    Its made By GroTek

    Bustan - Toronto Hydroponics Grow Lights Nutrients Hydroponic Supplies Canada

    Thats the link Its not the Brick format so Its pretty clean the guy said.

    He basically told me that As long as I add 30ml Of Dolomite lime to a gallon of Coco I should be fine. And should be able to us ethe Coco inplace of my PROMIX

    But yes he told me to never let the Coco dry out.

    Besdies that he said I shoudln't have to change my format from what im used to growing in (Promix) Besides using more nutes in mature growth, Using nutes earlier (Seedlings) and never leeting it dry out.

    Does this info sound correct?

    I was kinda hoping to not have to PH my water before I feed the plants. Or well hoping to use My tap water at 7-7.5 Ph Then adjusting if I have a PH problem with the runoff..

    I am assuming that is why the guy told me to add Dolomite lime.

    But it seems I maybe should have taken a more Hydro Approach. using a lower PH eh?

    Anyone grown in Promix to start then swicthed to COCO? Any rules or tips you guys learned the hard way when making the switch?

    Thanks Kindly all...

  5. dusto2k3

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    ahhhh GROTEK = FLUSH!!!!!!!!!!

    Is it the little bricks, the size of bibles or so....i killed many many clones in that stuff b4 i realized. KD, did you take a look at that other forum.

    Well, if you chose not to flush...i'll say sorry to your plants for you.
    EDIT - the bagged stuff might be rinsed (just like Canna), but that link, there are bricks in the bottom and that beigh and red cocotek brick is what i first tried and it killed my shit.

    Did you read that other forum, see what people arte doing with coco. I used promix b4 and i see a world of difference. The coco grown much faster./ I don't know anyone that uses lime in coco. And this is the first i've ever heard of it.

    On the switch, just be prepared for them to grow much faster in coco, so dont let you sog go to long like me.

    Any other ???s
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    Dustko - Great link! Damn, I wish had seen this BEFORE I started in the coco. LOL
  7. dusto2k3

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    Pharmacan, yeah, its the shit.
  8. kdspecial

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    Hey guys thanks for the links....

    Yeah I browsed through them before as well. I should take a deeper look though.

    Its not the BRICK format of COCO its the BAgged kind which from my understanding does not have to be rinsed, Because its not compressed.

    From my understanding is that they use salt water to compress the Coco Coir which makes it have built up salts. But im not 100% on that stuff...

    Well I have two seedlings in Coco right now. I am going to let them go two weeks. If all gorws fine just like in my ProMix I will transplant them to their perminant home in a bigg bunch of Coco. 2 gallons or so.

    As for the lime (I was kinda iffy about it as well) I didn't really see why I needed it. I think it wouyld almost help to keep my PH too HIGH... But THis garden shop has never gioven me wrong info before. and everything I buy form them is top notch... So Im gonna take his advice this time around.

    I think it just cuz he knows im not using it in a hydro format.

    So my Ph in Coco should be around 6.0 to 6.5 for handwatering then?

    Agree or dissagree?

    I hate trying somthign new... I tried coco before and didn't have good results but I didn't know what I was doing I didn't understadn PH or anything. My plants dies cuz they needed food that I keept not feeding them. cuz I thought it was hurting them in my Noobish days....

    Now I have some grows under my belt that work out well,,, But I want to move to the next step...

    I just dont wanna have it not work out and switch back to ProMix... and waste a good couple weeks,,,,

    ohhhman,,,,,, im scared

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    find bluebears thread, in "The Reason i went coco- harvest day" or something to that effect, he discussed handwatering there.

    And i bet you're right about that bagged vs. brick
  10. kdspecial

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    Yeha that is a good thread as well... THose threadson the other forum are really good....

    Another reason why I am nervous about the switch to Coco is I am doing a balcony garden with Veggies in Coco this year...

    Tomatoes, Cucumbers and a Straswberry plant..

    INfoact the straawberry plant has been in the coco for a week or so and It hasn't died yet so thats a good sign. It keeps blooming flowers and berrys are starting to form so I think Im doing alright... But teh GANJA is the most inportant you knoiw...

    with the Ganja Im gonna use Botanicare nutes....

    WIth the Veggies I will be using slow release Fertz,,,, FOX FARM MARINE CUSINE It seemed like a good choice for simplicity and not have to add fertz to my water.

    Thanks for all the comments and help guys and Gals...Much appreciated

  11. iRayone

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    Yes and No

    As I understand it HYdro PH with coco is 5.5 to 6.0
    5.5 to 5.8 is golden Thats the message from others and books. I water my mother plants by hand watering. They are under a T5 veg lamp. I also use clerex every week by topical watering to flush the salts. As far a Cal mag I never use it. To 20 gal on an eb and flow I use the following:IN veg
    5 oz base, 5 0z grow 3 oz sweet, 3 oz liquid Karma, 3 oz hygrozyme
    iIn flowering;
    5 0z base, 5 0z bloom, 3 karma, 3 sweet, 3 oz hygrozyme 5oz. blast off,
    5 oz big bud, use big bud for the first 4 weeks of bloom then subsistute 5oz of overdrive the last 4 weeks, flush with clearx every week as I change my water every 7 to 10 days. ph 5.8 I use purified water. The last week I run clearx for 3 days then just plain water with 6 oz of molassas for about a week. Perfection!!!

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