Happy Stoners in Marietta

Discussion in 'Georgia (GA)' started by Make it Hempen, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. machinehead83

    machinehead83 Registered

    is there anybody...out there????

    Hey all...
    Looking for a few to party with....in Gwinnett here...and there IS smoke around here, Cinderella 99 I think....that and somthing called "icky sticky" but that is OUTRAGIOUS in price.....anyway...any partying girls out there, hit me up.....:cool:
  2. thebarngodess

    thebarngodess Registered


    I am looking in Gwinnett - can't find anything, but willing to pay. There was an abundance when I was young, but no cash. Now there is cash and no supply. Go figure!:mad:
  3. strobelight27

    strobelight27 Registered

    heyyyyy, ive been wanting to/thinking about going to ksu for some time now...
  4. slpntrx5

    slpntrx5 Registered+

    i think immma go to KSU after high school...in 3 years...haha...
  5. zman0185

    zman0185 Registered+

    hell yeah!

    just recently moved up here from midtown and i must say i LOVE marietta its so much less stress up here.i wouldnt mind meeting up with som people from here but im pretty choosy....anyone who knows what cobb stands for knows what i mean.spinner,makeithempin hit me up sometime im on yahoo alot
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  6. jdub61

    jdub61 Registered+

    i go to school in midtown (gatech) and i live in gwinnett cty, lawrenceville to be exact. i know a ton of peeps at ksu and i think all of them blaze :)
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  7. Neviar

    Neviar Registered

    i live 2 minutes from KSU, but im in the 12th grade :cool:
  8. Old Stoner

    Old Stoner Banned

    Ah, youth. It must be nice, LOL....

    A word from an old fart - smoke weed - but STAY IN SCHOOL and get that education, young 'uns.

    One of the worst things i EVER did was quitting college.

    Old Stoner bends over, grabs ankles, and sez "kick my ass for dropping out - i deserve it!"

    Good luck to all you young folks! Just be CAREFUL with the weed and don't get caught. Happy toking!
  9. BarneyBud

    BarneyBud Registered

    waddup. im from Marietta. anyone of you stil around on this site? i got the yurp.
  10. Genomerio

    Genomerio Registered

    If yer still around, I'm in Marietta as well.
  11. jay420

    jay420 Registered+

    Whats up everyone, I just moved to this area from Ohio and looking to meet some new people. Reply back if anyone is still out there.
  12. rolintokingirl

    rolintokingirl Registered

    Anyone from Marietta still around? Dont really know anyone in the area, lookin for some other girls in my area to hang with.
  13. Zone420

    Zone420 Registered+

    Not in Marietta, but only a 20 min drive. Hit me up if you're still looking for company.
  14. Clayhatrison

    Clayhatrison Registered

    C. here in the Marietta area. Always looking to make new local friends. I dig sci-fi and horror movies, comic books, good GOOD weed (obviously) and Stoner/Doom Heavy Metal. I'm an artist and writer and absolutely love the sweet leaf. Hit me up.

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