Harlequin for chronic body pain? Any others?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by Mr Fuxable, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. Mr Fuxable

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    I am new to weed and don't want to get high or messed up. Just need relief from the years of psychosomatic body pains, nerve pain, etc. Bought a pax 2 and harlequin but havent tried. Any advice on high cbd strains?

    Also I should mention when I was young and smoked a couple times I got super paranoid (I smoked a lot in one sitting). So I am susceptible to paranoia. What strains prevent this?
  2. Pupp

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    Don't smoke so much. It's pretty common nowadays for people to get a satisfactory high with just one or two tokes. So it might just be that you smoked too much.

    Harlequin should be good for pain. Still, if your looking more for pain relief than being high, you might want to try out ACDC or similar.

    SinCity Seeds has one called Thunderstruck which is a cross between two ACDC phenotypes.
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  3. ProudInfidelGal

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    I'm looking for pain relief that won't drag me down. The best would be if it can give me energy. Dealing with chronic pain and trying to get off the prescription narcotics is making life really shitty trying to keep up. I checked out SinCity Seeds but when I click on the buy option it just reloads the same page. Is it still a viable place to buy? If not, what do you suggest? (yes, I'm a total newb)
  4. Pupp

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    Try this page: it lists the vendors that sell it's seeds: Sincity Seed vendors. Attitude Seed bank is the largest one listed. I'd recommend that seed bank.

    It's fairly common for companies that breed seeds to sell through 3rd party web stores. Herbies Seeds is probably the biggest seed bank that doesn't actually breed seeds, but rather sells seeds from breeders.

    That being said, there are so many breeders out there that even Herbies Seeds can only sell seeds from a fraction of the companies out there.
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  5. Pupp

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    I'm not really sure how to answer that question "that gives me energy". If you want a bit of THC, do a search for medical marijuana strains. There are a variety of THC levels. Maybe something like 4% THC with say 8% or more CBD might do it also. I wouldn't go above 4% THC if your primarily looking for a strain to help with pain and smoke on a daily basis. Although that's just a personal opinion. There is Cannatonic with has around 4%, but no more than 6% THC and a very high level of CBD.
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  6. Mr Fuxable

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    Just posted a seperate thread, but I tried the harlequin twice on a pax 2 vape, probably 5-10 hits each time, and literally felt basically nothing. WTF?
  7. ProudInfidelGal

    ProudInfidelGal Registered

    Thanks Pupp!
  8. Pupp

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    It's a medical strain. I first time user of marijuana should get a mellow buzz of it. Otherwise, it's not really targeting people trying to get high. Its for pain relief, maybe nausea, possible can be used to increase a person's appetite.
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  9. Cliffp73

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    I have fibromyalgia and have to have high thc for that but I also have cvs where I throw up all of the time and cbd helps more than thc but not by much.
  10. stevetrentwilliamson

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    From what I've read, the following strains may be helpful in getting relief from body pain-

    1. White Widow
    2. Blue dream
    3. Bubba Kush
    4. AK-47
    5. Jack Herer

    But, yeah, tolerance and dosage remains to be the key issue in selecting the right strain for you.
    Hope this helps.

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