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Discussion in 'Pennsylvania (PA)' started by Mr. Incognito, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. Mr. Incognito

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    Where is the closest headshop to Harrisburg?

    Mr. I
  2. LiquidMagik

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    Hmm, been awhile since I've been in Pennsylvania, but closest shop I'd say is Hemps Above. It's on Arch Street in Mechanicsburg. Take 81 to 114 (I think this is the Mechanicsburg Exit). Follow 114 into Mechanicsburg. Hang a left at the Grandpa's Growler, go up a couple blocks to Arch Street. Hang a right on Arch, smoke shop is on the right (top level, bottom level is an art shop). They have real nice pieces, but their pricey.
  3. Mr. Incognito

    Mr. Incognito Registered

    Perfect! Not too far from me either. Thanx for the info.
  4. BGizzle

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    Go up to the next light past hemps above, and make a left at the pnc bank, look on your right at the edge of that first block when you turn, by the little alley is a place called Magical Incense... wayyyy cheaper than Hemps Above -world's biggest rip off.

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