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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by budmann09, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. budmann09

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    Hey I was wondering if its bad to harvest early. I have some people coming to stay(that i dont want them to see) in may and i dont think they'll be quite done. Will it afect the budds alot if there premature?

    also how do you all think shes lookin'? the pic from two or three weeks ago, i just checked on her and the budds on her are a little bigger than in the pic.

    let me know what ya think!

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  2. tinytoon

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    what week of flower are you in and at what week are you talking about harvest? How long is normal flower time on strain you are growing? sorry but answers require info :D
  3. KillerBudG

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    I would say that you can't just go by that info anyway. Yes don't get me wrong its a good base line to go off of. But we do not also know how you have been caring for her and stuff like that. You wanna check the trich. when your thinking of harvesting remember clear trich. = really no high. Cloudy trich's.= head/cerebral/mind type high. Amber= couch lock/body high. I like to go for about 30%-50% amber but that is me.. Just remember this flowering can be 5-6 weeks to 12 weeks. Depend on strain and what lights you using.... Maybe everything I just said was a lie, Maybe half its right an half wrong... Maybe I should stop smoking this fatty......Naw I will rather be half&half than stop :jointsmile::D But if I am wrong sum1 will correct me I hope...

  4. bigtopsfinn

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    I've read that thc levels begin to drop after 20% amber, that would be the longest that I would flower. Can't argue with personal preference, though :jointsmile:
  5. budmann09

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    What is trich? there about three and a half weeks into flowering i kinda need to harves the first week of may last week of april.
  6. KillerBudG

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    Here this is something Stinkyattic once wrote.

    The part you were waiting for...:chainsaw:
    A typical cannabis plant bred for indoor cultivation will average around 8 weeks from when you turn back the lights to harvest. Strains that run as fast as 6 weeks or as long as 12 are not uncommon, but the bulk lie in the 7-9 week range. A couple weeks before harvest time, you will notice that the creamy white pistils are starting to turn brown. Be careful not to confuse brown pistils from natural ripening to premature ripening due to heat stress. When most of the pistils are brown, and production of fresh white ones has slowed, start checking the trichomes, or 'crystals', with a 30x magnifier. They start off clear, and the plant will have a sparkly look in bright light. As it ripens, the trichs cloud, and the appearance of the buds becomes more frosty or hazy. When almost all of the trichs are cloudy, your harvest window has begun. Harvesting early will maximize the cerebral effects of the strain you are working with, while a later harvest, when the trichs are starting to turn amber and the THC is degrading, will give you a more body-oriented stone. This is nice for painkilling (muscle pain in particular), anti-anxiety, and anti-insomnia purposes.

    And I think its only right since you read that now to click below this and read it all.[2-3] Times


    Well I know she be glad people still look at the knowledge she once wrote.:jointsmile:

  7. tinytoon

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    I wasnt saying that a decision could be made from the info I asked but you cant just post "can I harvest early?" and get much of an answer that would have any common sence to it ..... Tiny out :smokin:
  8. everTree

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    It depends on which week of flowering you haverest in, depending on what your outcome for yield is.
  9. KillerBudG

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    I was not meaning that towards you Tiny. It was more intended towards Budmann. And Bigtops that was a typo, I meant 20-30% don't know where the hell I got a 50 from but excuse my high....:jointsmile:

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    /does happy dance
    it's 420 somewhere!!! :smokin:

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